Udo Dirkschneider Believes the New Accept Lineup Performs Without Any Emotion
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Former Accept lead vocalist Udo Dirkschneider believes the band has no passion for their live performances.

It’s become apparent that the members of Accept and original frontman Udo Dirkschneider are now content with continuing forward with their own individual careers. Since their ill-fated reunion attempt in 2005, which ultimately had Dirkschneider leaving the heavy metal band in favor of continuing with his solo career, Accept have since reestablished their reputation with the assistance of TT Quick lead vocalist Mark Tornillo.

While Dirkschneider has continued to move forward with his own commitments to U.D.O., with plans to release a new studio album this February, needless to say the singer still has some choice words for his former band. During a recent conversation with the Lokaos Rock Show, Dirkschneider was pressed for his opinions on Accept continuing with a new vocalist at the helm, and went on to issue his opinion on the band’s live performances.

“What can I say? I mean, I was watching a show of Accept in Hamburg, and I was a little bit disappointed. It was without any emotion,” he responded. “For me, there was no band on stage. Playing-wise, it was okay, but it was without any emotion. It was automatic — like, do it and then go.” He continued to dismiss any notion of a future reunion with Accept, simply responding to the idea with a brief “no.”

Dirkschneider also reassured that he feels continuing with U.D.O., as opposed to continuing with Accept, has provided him with more artistic opportunities. “Let’s say it in this way: With Accept, the name Accept, if I continued with the name Accept, then you have to do something… what the people know under the name Accept,” he said. “I think with U.D.O., I think I’m more free.”

Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann similarly feels having Tornillo in place of Dirkschneider provides the band with more directions in head into with their new material. Hoffmann told Music Enthusiast in our exclusive interview last September that Tornillo is essentially the ideal frontman for Accept, in that he doesn’t accomplish the task of sounding the most like his predecessor, but has some strong similarities and maintains his own identity.

“It is really first and foremost that Mark can really deliver the goods when it comes to old material, and at the same time he’s bringing something to the table that wasn’t there before, which is the sort of melodic mid-range quality that we’re really exploiting on this new album more and more,” he explained. “That’s maybe one of the reasons why we find so many melodic songs on this album, because we really wanted to feature the other side of Mark a little more on this album.

“You know, we really didn’t want him to just do the high pitched stuff all the time, that’s fine and good and we need that and we have plenty of it, but at the same time we’re really proud of the fact that the guy can actually carry a melody really well and he almost at times sound like another person when he’s doing that, when he’s singing like in the chorus or something. It almost sounds to me like, ‘Wow, it’s almost like a different singer there.’

“And that’s what we really wanted to showcase with this album, we wrote a lot of stuff specifically for that. I think that’s why it is so successful, because people see it’s genuine and it’s not just, you know a clone of somebody that we found at like a singing competition or something, you know? Someone who can mimic Udo the most, or whatever, we didn’t really go for that at all.”

Do you agree with Dirkschneider’s claims that Accept’s recent live performances have been emotionless? Let us know in the comments section below. Footage from each party’s latest shows can be found below for your reference.

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