Photo Credit: Frontiers

Photo Credit: Frontiers

Fast forward twenty five years since the release of their self-titled debut album, and the members of glam metal veterans Trixter are still dedicated to their craft.

Since bringing together their most recent lineup of lead vocalist Pete Loran, guitarist Steve Brown, bassist P.J. Farley and drummer Mark “Gus” Scott for a 2008 reunion, Trixter has since released a well-received comeback album in 2012’s ‘New Audio Machine,’ and perhaps an even stronger effort in their latest installment, ‘Human Era.’

Released earlier this month through Frontiers Records, ‘Human Era’ retains many of the same elements of the original Trixter sound while placing further emphasis on soaring vocal harmonies and excessive musicianship.

Dedicated listeners will find this same breed of hard rock on the title track from ‘Human Era,’ which now has an accompanying music video that is largely centered around classic live footage and home videos from Trixter’s archives.

“The song ‘Human Era’ encapsulates not only the record but in essence our career,” says P.J. Farley. “This video shows a glimpse of every step we took — from Trixter’s very first show up until our most recent performance in May 2015.

“It’s the kind of video we’d always imagined making. There’s great early-day hanging-around footage as well as tour/backstage footage.”

Steve Brown, who recently stepped in for the first few dates of Def Leppard‘s summer tour, also says: “Almost 30 years together and the band is tighter than ever!

“We are family and that makes everything we do more and more special. The title track, ‘Human Era’, really sheds insight into our story.”