Tom Keifer Issues Music Video For “Solid Ground”
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Tom Keifer

Cinderella front man Tom Keifer has just released the official music video for the lead single off of his upcoming debut solo album, ‘The Way Life Goes’. “Solid Ground” is the first new music officially released from the renowned blues rock musician in over a decade.

I recently sat down and spoke with Tom Keifer about his new album. Regarding why it’s been such a long time since we’ve heard new music, Tom said “Well, when I actually decided to start recording for it, it was produced independently outside any record label, with the idea being in mind that we would finish the record, get it the way I wanted and be happy with the finished product. So, there wasn’t any pressure. And it was just about making music, writing songs, getting the recording and production done and mixing it right.

“You know, it wasn’t 10 years straight in the studio. There were a lot of diversions. I toured with Cinderella probably four, five times during that time. Soon after we stopped recording, our son was born, and we took a break then. I had a lot of vocal issues, so it was off and on, off and on.

“And then when it came to the actual recording process, the biggest hurdle or struggle was the mixing process, which for some reason we just couldn’t find the right vibe. We went through a lot of mix engineers, and finally found a guy here in Nashville, Mark Purso, who really nailed it. You know, there was no pressure to hurry it up. I just went in there with the attitude that “When it’s done, it’s done”.

“I never dreamed it was going to take 10 years, there was several periods along that road when I thought it was finished, then I would return to it after 6 months for a tour with Cinderella, and listen to it and go, “Well, I don’t think it’s quite there yet”. But that was cool when you take those long breaks, there would literally be periods of time where for months I wouldn’t listen to it while doing something else.”

You can watch the music video via the player below.



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