The Best Songs Of 2013 (So Far)
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Songs 2013 so far

We’re not even halfway through 2013, and already we have had some absolutely standout albums from some of hard rock and metal’s most renowned artists. Cinderella front man Tom Keifer released his long-awaited solo album, Queensrÿche made a bold comeback, and we have new music coming from two of the grand masters of rock and roll, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, with plenty more slated for release in these upcoming months. For right now, we present you with some choice cuts off of those aforementioned records.


Krokus Dirty Dynamite5) “Hallelujah Rock n’ Roll”


Classic rockers Krokus marked their return to the music world this year with “Dirty Dynamite”, which showed the band boldly taking on their signature rock and roll style of sound that most heavily resembles that of early AC/DC. The opening track, “Hallelujah Rock n’ Roll”, features a contagious guitar riff and strong singing soaked in falsetto, and couldn’t be a better way to open off the record.

Listen to “Hallelujah Rock n’ Roll”


tom-keifer-the-way-life-goes-promo-cover-pic4) “Cold Day In Hell”

Tom Keifer

After multiple vocal chord challenges and over a decade of contemplating, Tom Keifer finally issued out his debut solo effort, “The Way Life Goes”. The entire album, from start to finish, is a strikingly nostalgic listening experience, and none more so than “Cold Day In Hell”. Built around a top notch blues guitar lick, and featuring top notch group vocal harmonies, it’s a great return-to-form.

Listen to “Cold Day In Hell”


queensryche3) “Redemption”


One of the most surprising releases this year, Queensryche (more specifically the lineup featuring Todd La Torre on lead vocals) is looking to make a broad comeback with their upcoming self-titled studio album. The title couldn’t be more appropriate, but what’s even more significant is the fact that their classic Empire-era style of progressive metal has been once again fully embraced, leaving us even more eager for the entire album when it drops next month.

Listen to “Redemption”


black-sabbath-132) “God Is Dead?”

Black Sabbath

Who would think that we would have new material from Black Sabbath in 2013, let alone featuring three quarters of the original lineup. This new metal anthem is built around a constantly evolving guitar riff, and has lead vocalist Ozzy Osbourne questioning the existence of a higher power due while “rivers of evil run through dying land”, before ultimately deciding “I don’t believe God Is Dead”. In the end it’s an instant Sabbath classic.

Listen to “God Is Dead?”


deep_purple___now_what___by_soulnex-d6295o01) Vincent Price

Deep Purple

Coming out on top of the songs released so far in 2013 is Deep Purple’s “Vincent Price”, off of the band’s just released 19th studio album. At this stage in the game, who would think that the band would still kicking, let alone still producing such rock anthems as this. This track has Deep Purple fully embracing their classic sound, while adding a sinister depth to it, and even has Ian Gillan emitting a massive “Highway Star”-style primal scream right at the end. How could it get any better?

Listen To “Vincent Price”



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