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Skid Row’s Dave “Snake” Sabo Doesn’t Understand Why Some Fans Think Sebastian Bach is Still a Member

January 4, 2015
Skid Row
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Considering many casual listeners consider Sebastian Bach to be the voice of Skid Row considering his role in the group’s rise to prominence throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, it wouldn’t be that surprising if some of those veteran fans showed up to one of the band’s recent performances to find current frontman Johnny Solinger at the helm instead.

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Skid Row Currently Streaming Entire New Album, ‘Rise of the Damnation Army’

August 5, 2014
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In coordination with the effort’s official release date today (August 5) on Megaforce Records, Skid Row have made their new compilation of material available for streaming below. Their follow-up to last year’s EP, ‘Rise of the Damnation Army – United World Rebellion: Chapter Two’ may have a mouthful of a title, however what is evident on these seven new selections are strengthfully crafted hard rock which stands proudly alongside the best this band has offered within the past decade.

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Skid Row Raise Their Fists With New Song, “We Are the Damned”

June 12, 2014
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With the intention of returning to their well known approach while retaining some revitalized elements developed over the band’s past two studio albums, Skid Row are maintaining the formidable trend established earlier last year with the EP, ‘United World Rebellion: Chapter One,’ with a follow-up which maintains the same high octane qualities and serves more as a solid continuation than a logical progression.

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Sebastian Bach Criticizes Skid Row For Not Reuniting to Celebrate Their Debut Album

March 22, 2014
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In recent news, Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan commented during an interview that working with original lead vocalist Sebastian Bach would be a “waste of time.” Now Bach is responding to these comments, while expressing frustration towards that the group refused to reunite in light of the recent 25th Anniversary of their debut self-titled studio album.

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The Best Metal Songs of 2013

December 16, 2013
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2013 has had more than it’s share of memorable comebacks, surprising return-to-forms and well welcomed collaborations. From a Nirvana reunion featuring Paul McCartney on lead vocals, to the return of Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne back at the helm, it’s been a great year for the metal music world. Without any further hesitation, we now present our list of The Best Metal Songs of 2013.

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