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Mick Mars Planning to Release “At Least An EP” of Solo Material After Motley Crue
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During his appearance last week on ‘Trunk Nation’ on Sirius XM’s Hair Nation hosted by Eddie Trunk, Mick Mars offered additional details as to what we can expect the guitarist to do following Motley Crue’s upcoming Final Tour. “Loyalty is kind of important to me, but I mean, doing side projects and everything else, [there is] nothing wrong with it at all,” Mars said. “But I have my own stuff that I have been stashing for a long time.”

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Motley Crue have been leaving their impact on the hard rock music scene for more than three decades. Hundreds of live performances and nine studio albums later, and Motley Crue are now responsible for many songs which are now considered timeless staples of the genre and have been automatically enrolled into infinite airtime rotation. Examples of these very anthems include “Kickstart My Heart,” “Home Sweet Home” and “Live Wire.”

Mick Mars Will Continue Career After Motley Crue
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As for the theories that Motley Crue are calling it quits because of Mars’ ankylosing spondylitis, a condition which causes distortion of the spine as the vertebrae fuse together, the guitarist says that has nothing to do with the band’s decision to disband. In fact, Mick Mars has plans to continue creating music and going out on tour after Motley Crue.

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