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The Best Rock Songs of 2014 (So Far)

April 14, 2014
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Rock and roll doesn’t care that we’ve only managed to make it a third of the way through the year, as we’ve already witnessed an impressive catalog of anthems find their way to the surface from decorated names from throughout the genre. Some artists have released new singles in a (successful) attempt to cultivate the anticipation of their audience, whereas others have already fashioned a noticeable impact with the liberation of a full-length studio album.

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FireHouse’s Bill Leverty Stands Solo With “The Bloom Is Off the Rose”

February 14, 2014
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Bill Leverty continues to tour and record with FireHouse, while also occasionally focusing on a solo career: something which Leverty first began back in 2004 with his debut title ‘Wanderlust.’ Leverty now proudly holds a total of four solo albums under his belt. the most recent of which, simply entitled ‘Drive,’ surfaced last year. With some spare time in between a rigorous recording schedule, Leverty has returned baring a new single that’s bolstered in heavy elements of progressive rock.

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