Continuing to make the most of this year, Stryper are back once again with their new music video for “Sympathy”. “Sympathy” is the second single to stem from Stryper’s recently released ninth studio album ‘No More Hell to Pay‘, and (thankfully) unlike the band’s previous music video for the album’s title track, drummer Robert Sweet can actually be seen playing behind the kit.
In our review of ‘No More Hell to Pay’, which dropped earlier last month, we called the album a triumphant return to form which “harks back to one of the most memorable periods in Stryper’s three decade long history”. When it comes to the track “Sympathy” it’s certainly no exception, with bright vocal melodies and striking guitar work covering the entire cut.
The song’s fast pace makes it an ideal choice for a music video, which shows the members of Stryper performing the new track in studio. You can watch the new video via the player above.