Cover Artwork: Stanis Decker

Cover Artwork: Stanis Decker

Heavy metal unit Stryper are currently putting together the final pieces of their eleventh studio album ‘Fallen’ in preparation for the record’s release later this fall, and the meantime have just released the cover artwork for their next album.

The members of Stryper once again enlisted the assistance of artist Stanis Decker, who also designed the artwork for the band’s 2013 studio album ‘No More Hell to Pay,’ to address a particular topic with this new installment.

“We sent Stanis the concept about Lucifer being cast out of heaven and he sent us this amazing illustration, capturing the original idea perfectly,” Stryper said in a statement on their official Facebook page. “We’re excited to be able to finally show all of you!”

It has also been announced that Stryper will release “Yahweh,” the first single from ‘Fallen,’ during the week of July 6.

I don’t wanna scare any fans away or anything, but it’s gonna be the heaviest album we’ve done,” lead vocalist Michael Sweet previously stated regarding the upcoming Stryper album.

“Not in the sense that it’s gonna be thrash metal or anything like that. It’s definitely got a little bit of a darker vibe to it lyrically and musically.

“Some of the songs are tuned down — not like the modern Drop B stuff; I’m talking like the E dropped to D, ‘Unchained’ Van Halen kind of stuff. And it’s just got a heavy sound to it.

“I think when people hear it, in a good way, they’re gonna go, ‘That’s Stryper? What?’ I think they’re gonna be shocked.”

Other confirmed titles set to appear on ‘Fallen’ include “Let There Be Light, “Big Screen Lies” and a cover of the classic Black Sabbath song “After Forever.”