Photo Credit: Steven Tyler

Photo Credit: Steven Tyler

It’s obvious that country music has been something Steven Tyler has been wanting to pursue for some time, seeing as Aerosmith‘s 2012 studio album ‘Music From Another Dimension’ featured a number of twangy ballads and a collaboration with Carrie Underwood.

Now the rock vocalist is able to realize his musical aspirations with his solo career. Steven Tyler is currently placing the final touches on his debut album outside of Aerosmith, tentatively expected for release later this year, and has just released the official music for his new single “Love is Your Name.”

Lighthearted melodies, delicate acoustic guitar and even banjo playing all comprise the foreground of this track, which Steven says explores his Nashville roots.

“The first day in the studio I recorded a song that became my first single, and if ‘Love is Your Name’ then Nashville’s my new girlfriend. I guess you could call that Beginner’s Luck,” he stated.

Although it won’t be until the conclusion of Aerosmith’s current summer tour of the United States that he’ll have a chance to finish his solo album, Tyler told USA Today that he will continue to write material while on the road.

“I’ve got to find time to come back and record these songs after the Aerosmith tour,” he explained. “But I flit from flower to flower, country to country, looking for good times and singing about the last time. That’s what I’m putting into the country songs.”

The majority of Steven’s bandmates in Aerosmith haven’t commented on his decision to embark on a solo career, but bassist Tom Hamilton has been rather supportive of the decision and hopes it leads to another Aerosmith record in the near future.

When recently asked about the possibility of Aerosmith releasing a follow-up to ‘Music From Another Dimension,’ Hamilton shared: “It’s hard to get Steven to think about it right now because he’s doing his little thing there… I know Joe [Perry] is into it, I know I’m into it. I think once Steven’s been through the cycle of his solo album, he’s gonna want to come back and do another one…”