Stephen Pearcy

Stephen Pearcy

Former Ratt lead vocalist Stephen Pearcy says he believes there “probably” won’t be another Ratt album.

Since his departure from Ratt last year, original frontman Stephen Pearcy has upon occasion offered some hope for longtime fans as far as whether the band would be able to complete work on their upcoming follow-up to 2010’s ‘Infestation.’ The lead vocalist has previously cited the rock group’s signed commitments to their record label as the main and likely sole reason why the members of Ratt would reunite in the studio, however Pearcy now says he doubts whether it’s possible to even make another album.

During a recent conversation with Eddie Trunk, Pearcy was asked if the relationship between him and his former band members has improved since he left the lineup. “It’s actually gotten worse, to some extent,” he responded. “And probably we’ll never see another Ratt record because of it, and so be it.” He continued to say that he’s surprised that Ratt continued for as long as it did, considering their dysfunctional relationship with one another.

“So, as far as a band, a band is a band. I mean, we were lucky to be around ten years, let alone, off and on, for thirty-plus. So, you know, it’s probably a done deal. But so be it. If people wanna hear the band, they can hear Ratt music with me, singing my songs, but I doubt there’ll ever be another Ratt record, no.”

“You’re dealing with a lot of dysfunction. I mean, look, we’re not the most dysfunctional band on the planet that has been successful, I’ve said it before, but it all depends on who can put up with that dysfunction. Life’s too short to live in misery and… just living in unpredictability and not knowing what’s solid and what’s loose. The last almost a year, it’s just gotten to where there’s no going back.”

Pearcy also hinted that he will be collaborating with Ratt bassist Juan Croucier in the near future, while largely refraining from giving any details surrounding his reason to quit the band. When asked if he’s saying that Croucier has followed his lead and left Ratt, the singer replied, “Yeah, we’re both pretty much, you know… What we thought was going to be a good thing ended up being even worse than we thought.

“And when it took this long to get the four original members together, and then it just falls to even bigger shit, well, then you’ve got problems. And that’s just what happened. And I can’t elaborate on it, because it might be an ongoing thing. But there’s no reason to dig a deeper hole, per se. I move ahead; I don’t wanna take steps back — as far as me, personally — just to appease anybody. If somebody wants to hear us, they can put on a record. If they wanna hear the live music, well, you can go see me or you can go see whatever is out there.

“That’s just the way it is, unfortunately, but I look ahead. I try to keep very positive about things, and if I need to step out, I step out. It’s gotten nowhere, so that’s it. Juan and I are actually gonna be doing something in the future together, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll be talking about something real soon. I can’t really mention too much now. But we’ll be working together, definitely.”

In case you’re wondering how such bands as Motley Crue and Poison have somehow managed to keep things together (for the most part, anyway) and Ratt hasn’t, Pearcy says it’s just a matter of whether you’re able to put up with the drama within the band. “The thing is, you can function being dysfunctional, but it’s just a matter of if you wanna live your life that way. We never got to where we were supposed to, even when I was in the band without Juan, but when he came back, it got worse.

“Juan actually learned firsthand how dysfunctional without him it was with me, and what I had to deal with, without going into specifics. There was no compromise, there was no, ‘How can this work being this way?’ That was out of the picture. So when some people can say, ‘Okay, it’s gonna be this way or no way. Because we need you still to make it what it is, but it’s gonna be this way.’ And as far as I’m concerned, no, it’s not gonna be that way. And with Juan back in the band, he said the same thing at the end of the day: ‘No, it’s not going to be like this.’ So here we are. And it could be the end of the era.”