Photo by Kyle Gaddo

Photo by Kyle Gaddo

It was just recently that Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor expressed that he was interested in bringing the annual Knotfest festival which has made a regular appearance in California to other destinations in North America.

For the first time, Mexico will receive their very own installment of the event later this year. Knotfest Mexico is scheduled to take place on December 5, and much like previous versions of the festival will feature a rather impressive lineup of heavy metal talent.

Aside from Slipknot maintaining their role as headliner, the lineup also features Megadeth, Lamb of God, HIM, A Day to Remember, Trivium and Asking Alexandria, among others. It all takes place at the Foro Pegaso in Toluca, Mexico.

As far as the possibility of Knotfest turning into a full-fledged traveling event ala the Mayhem Festival, Corey Taylor told Musik Universe: “There’s been talk about it. My problem is that it’s a little more than I wanna grow Knotfest right now. I wanted it to kind of grow in increments and slowly expand. I think if we turned Knotfest into a big tour, then we would lose a lot of the elements that make it so cool.

“It wouldn’t be a two to three days anymore, it would be a one-day thing, and we wouldn’t be able to bring out a lot of the elements that we like, like the carnivals and the museum and stuff. So it’s definitely a conversation that’s going on right now, that we’re trying to figure out. But, you know, I mean, never say never. Let’s see what happens.”

He added: “We’re gonna continue to do the Knotfest shows. Right now we’re trying to figure out how big to make them and how to expand it. My idea was to do maybe ten weekends in different places — maybe five in the U.S., a couple up in Canada, and maybe one down in Mexico City. Just try to expand it like that, so people get the actual experience of it, and you’re not running yourself into the ground trying to chase something that it isn’t. So that’s what we’re looking at right now.”

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Knotfest Mexico 2015 Lineup

Lamb of God
A Day to Remember
Asking Alexandria
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Here Comes the Kraken