reckless love spirit

Lock up your daughters: Reckless Love are back with their third studio album, and they are ready to take listeners on a chaotic ride into the midnight sky on a rocket fueled by nostalgia and hair spray.

For those of you readers who are not already familiar with this exceptional hair metal revivalist group straight out of Finland, Reckless Love first announced themselves to the world back in 2010 with the release of their eponymous debut album.

The band’s instantly recognizable similarities to such prestigious acts as Def Leppard, David Lee Roth and Warrant quickly earned Reckless Love attention commercially; the debut album’s lead single, “One More Time,” topped the Finnish charts, and the music video for “Beautiful Bomb” received moderate airplay on MTV.

Reckless Love issued a follow-up studio album the following year, 2011’s ‘Animal Attraction.’ Continuing the schedule of one new record a year, 2012 showed the release of a new EP, ‘Born to Break Your Heart,’ which despite featuring a formidable cover of a Thin Lizzy classic and several official live recordings could not possibly whet the appetite of the band’s ever growing fan base for a third studio album.

Granted it may have taken longer than originally anticipated, but Reckless Love mark their return to the music world with the third installment in their catalog, this time around embracing a few new musical influences and moving into expansive, yet familiar sounding territory.

The band wastes no time with ‘Spirit;’ the album is boldly kick started with a traditional Reckless Love-sounding song, “Night on Fire,” which is built around commendable synthesizer playing and a blistering guitar solo. “Bad Lovin’” features a striking riff that runs straight in the vein of something one would expect from a ‘Ram It Down’ outtake, but with brighter vocal melodies and Roth-inspired tongue-and-cheek lyrics.

The album hits a high note with “I Love Heavy Metal,” most easily described as a 2013 “Rocket.” This song has lead vocalist Olli Herman referencing the names of formidable hard rock groups and their greatest hits, and even some familiar backmasked vocal effects halfway through the track.

‘Spirit’ also has it’s share of memorable power ballads. “Edge of Our Dreams” is a melody-driven anthem with some contemporary guitar playing and a top notch percussion section, while “Hot Rain” has the members of Reckless Love dropping things to a romanticized pace similar to that of early Bon Jovi.

In an attempt to provide a little variety with each new album, Reckless Love move into a surprising new direction mid-album. “Metal A**” is a heart racing heavy metal track comprised of a pick grinding guitar riff ala Accept or Tim Owens-fronted Judas Priest.

If you are a follower of the hair metal scene, do yourself a favor and pick up the new album from this standout band. Listen to it once. Listen to it twice. Walk away. Now listen to it again. You will find that each time you pop the disc back in for another spin, the album will get only better and better.