Reckless Love Issue New Music Video For “Night On Fire” Premier
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80’s hair metal revivalists Reckless Love are making their 2013 return, with the release of a new song, titled “Night On Fire”. And what better way to premier it than with a music video?

“‘Night On Fire’ is the pure essence of Reckless Love; a deceitfully catchy tune with an awesome big sing-along chorus and a fierce guitar solo” frontman Olli Herman said about the new track. “It embodies all of our biggest ’80s influences from KISS and Van Halen to Def Leppard and Europe. ‘Night On Fire’ also has this exotic Shakira-esque groove to it, which’ll make you dance, or if dancing ain’t your cup of tea, nod your head until you break your neck!”

The music video was shot over multiple days in the Canary Islands, after the band spent the week in Las Pamas. “Lazing around, taking it easy, enjoying cold beer and hot weather – it’s alright for some!” Olli says.

The new music video shows the UK rockers taking on a more colorful approach to their music. Literally. “We all have active and vivid imaginations”, Olli explains, “but we wanted to keep things pretty simple for the video – we’re portrayed as a demonic product of Baron Samedi, a spirit god of Haitian Voodoo. This is the ‘dark side’ of Reckless Love… hahaha (evil, yet sarcastic laugh)…”

“Night On Fire” is set to be the lead single off of Reckless Love’s upcoming, yet-to-be-titled third studio album, also set for release this year.


Listen To “Reckless Love – Night On Fire”


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