Photo Credit: Randy Bachman

Photo Credit: Randy Bachman

The rock guitar-wielding force behind “Takin’ Care of Business” and “American Woman” has returned with a vengeance, and Randy Bachman‘s determination is evident on the debut Bachman album, ‘Heavy Blues.’

‘Heavy Blues’ finds the respected hard rock talent standing alongside two previously unknown female forces, bassist Anna Ruddick and drummer Dale Anne Brendan, as well as an assortment of heavyweight friends from the guitar community.

“It was a total surprise every time I would get a solo over the internet, because Kevin Shirley was doing Iron Maiden in Paris for the last three months, but getting these solos sent in from different guys that he hadn’t heard yet was like opening a Christmas present,” Randy reflected during our exclusive interview earlier this year.

“To get a Neil Young solo and a Peter Frampton solo or a Robert Randolph solo and on and on and on, these solos were just incredible. They gave a little bit of themselves in each song, so every song has this really distinctive guitar playing.”

Those are just three names in an extensive list of guest guitar players who appear on ‘Heavy Blues.’ Also making an appearance are Joe Bonamassa, Rival Sons’ Scott Holiday and the late Jeff Healey.

“Farming out some of these solos to other guys while keeping part of my solo, as opposed to having them be the icing or extra sugar on the cake, brought these songs to a new level,” explained Bachman. “If it was just me soloing, it would have been me somewhat boringly trying to play like Peter Frampton or Billy Gibbons. (laughs)”

The new music video for “Oh My Lord” is no exception, as it features a blazing solo from the aforementioned pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph. You can watch the new video from Bachman below, and then pick up their new album ‘Heavy Blues’ that’s on the shelves now.

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