Photo Credit: Edogawa Schlins

Photo Credit: Edogawa Schlins

Queensryche will release their fifteenth studio album ‘Condition Human‘ on October 2 through Century Media Records. Despite the fact that the band’s second effort featuring lead vocalist Todd La Torre won’t be released until later this fall, the anticipation for the next installment from Queensryche continues to climb, which is why we have been presented new details about the album.

‘Condition Human’ will feature twelve new compositions, which for those who are counting has another leg up on the nine full-length tracks from the 2013 self-tilted Queensryche album. The track listing to ‘Condition Human’ also features some compelling titles including “Toxic Remedy,” “Bulletproof” and “The Aftermath.”

“Queensryche music has always been about evolving,” guitarist Michael Wilton told Music Enthusiast onsite at this year’s Welcome to Rockville festival. “When I say evolving, I mean not going in a crazy, different direction but keeping the roots of the band always in mind.

“We don’t forget where we’ve come from because we are the band. We have the DNA in us. We really feel that what encompasses the first six albums is kind of more of the way we wrote. I feel that’s apparent in the material as far as the new album. It’s the next step in Queensryche’s evolution.”

The official album artwork for ‘Condition Human’ has also been released. The artwork features the band’s signature tri-ryche logo etched into a window pane and includes Seattle landmarks and supernatural elements.

Queensryche vocalist Todd La Torre states: “The artwork depicts a beautiful innocence surrounded by the darkness of a jaded unpredictable world.”

As we previously reported, the song “Arrow of Time” was released well in advance of the fall release date for ‘Condition Human’ and can be streamed via Soundcloud below.

Queensryche, ‘Condition Human’ Track Listing:

01. Arrow of Time
02. Guardian
03. Hellfire
04. Toxic Remedy
05. Selfish Lives
06. Eye9
07. Bulletproof
08. Hourglass
09. Just Us
10. All There Was
11. The Aftermath
12. Condition Human


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