New Michael Schenker Song Released, “Where the Wild Winds Blow”
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“Where the Wild Winds Blow” is the first full length song to be officially released from guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker’s forthcoming studio album, ‘Bridge the Gap’.

The song boasts the always captivating guitar wizardry that fans have come to expect from Schenker, as well as an emotion soaked lead vocal performance from Doogie White. A memorable moment during the song is when Michael Schenker gives an elaborate, classical flavored acoustic guitar lick similar to his work in McAuley Schenker Group.

The studio sessions for ‘Bridge the Gap’ first began following Michael Schenker’s 2012 tour. “Michael and I had talked about recording an album together after the tour of 2012,” says Doogie White. “We never spoke about it again until January 2013 when he sent me seven ideas he had been working on.”

“Last October I started writing the music for the new album,” adds Schenker. “I sent material to Doogie in the New Year and he started writing melodies and lyrics. I laid down some arrangements at Michael Voss’s studio. There was a lot of energy flying about during the recording process. I had the same drive making this album as I had when I was 16. I wanted it fast, heavy and melodic. It felt like bridging the gap from my teenage and Lovedrive years to what I am doing now. I’m back to where I was a long time ago and I love it.”



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