Photo by Dustin Gaffke

Photo by Dustin Gaffke

Motley Crue are rounding the final three months of their touring life as part of their ongoing ‘Final Tour,’ which has been catering to audiences worldwide since the tour’s launch last year. All those hours of performing live, rehearsing, and even recording a new single has evidently taken it’s toll on the band members, and it even prevented Crue drummer Tommy Lee from taking the stage last night (October 14).

While the members of Motley Crue were preparing for their call time in Buffalo, Lee was suffering from an abrupt burst of pain which led to the percussionist having a quick consultation with the band’s medical staff. Lee was diagnosed with tendinitis, an inflammation of a tendon, and was advised not to perform as to allow himself to heal properly.

That left the position behind the skins vacant for what was supposedly the last time Motley Crue would play for their Buffalo fans. Rather than postpone, or most likely cancel the show, Glen Sobel took the challenge of filling in for Tommy Lee on what is a monumental show for the Crue. Sobel is the drummer for the tour’s special guest Alice Cooper, which meant that he was both available and facing the challenge of learning the entire Motley Crue set list within the afternoon.

“It’s been an insane day of prep and making cheat sheets,” Sobel explained after taking to Facebook to describe the experience. “I can’t describe what an honor its been to rock tonight with Vince, Mick, Nikki & Tommy, who was handling some of the electronics and cueing me through the in ear monitors from side stage.”

Although he would sit behind the same kit as Lee has for Motley Crue’s last world tour, Sobel did not go for a spin on the massive Cruecify roller coaster track out of respect. “No – I did not do the Cruecify drum solo. But I played with the guys for the finale of Home Sweet Home on the hydraulic stage by front of house,” Sobel shared.

While the circumstances weren’t nearly ideal, Sobel says being able to perform with Motley Crue on such an important day was a memorable experience. “It’s one of those things — had I known when I was a kid this would happen one day — you get the picture,” added Sobel. “Here’s to hoping Tommy Lee’s wrist heals up quickly. I’m familiar with the experience of playing though pain while being on tour. It isn’t fun.”




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