Monster Magnet Mark Their Return With “Mindless Ones”
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It has been three years since the release of their last studio effort, and stoner rock front runners Monster Magnet are back with their ninth album, ‘Last Patrol‘. To commemorate the “Space Lord” rockers’ new effort, Napalm Records have just released the official music video to the album’s lead single, “Mindless Ones”. The new video shows the members of Monster Magnet doing what they do best, and that’s performing, but this time within a studio environment and set to bright animations and coordinating light patterns.
In our recent interview with front man Dave Wyndorf, he had this to say regarding his songwriting process: “I think most of the time I get a feel for what the album is going to be in my head. There’s always something I haven’t done that I want to do. I never want to write the exact same record twice if I can help it. So I‘ll have an idea and that will be the first thing musically I’ll hit up.

“I try to set the pace with the first couple of songs and when they run out of gas and I feel like I’m repeating myself, I’ll try to write songs to compliment them. For this album I actually wrote the loud songs around the slower ones. Usually it’s the other way around.”

Dave also touched upon the inspiration for the ‘Last Patrol’ album artwork: “I kind of swiped the vibe of it from old sixties sci fi paperbacks, I love those. They have a look to them and I always thought they fit Monster Magnet really well. So that was the mission, to find something really cool with that in mind.”


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