Photo by Claudio Poblete

Photo by Claudio Poblete

The odds of Megadeth emerging from the studio with an authentic thrash metal record has seemed even more unlikely with each new release over the years. Despite this, Megadeth seem to have accomplished the impossible based upon the weight of their new anthemic track “Fatal Illusion,” the first single from the upcoming Megadeth album ‘Dystopia.’

Dave Mustaine previously told Rolling Stone that he and the members of Megadeth, which now includes guitarist Kiko Loureiro of Angra and Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, have been planning on returning to the band’s thrash metal roots for some time and never went as far as actually going through with such a transition.

“Over the years we’ve always said, ‘We’re going back to our roots.’ But the naysayers, they just want ‘Rust In Peace’ 20 times, which is never gonna happen. Because I’ve never written the same song twice,” Mustaine explained. “Unlike a lot of other rock and metal bands that, you know, they rely on a set formula, I try and make the songs all different.

“The funny thing, though, was that when [Megadeth bassist David] Ellefson was doing the bass tracks, I was telling him, ‘This is the [‘Tornado Of Souls’] part,’ ‘This is the ‘Bad Omen’ part,’ ‘This is the ‘Black Friday’ part,’ ‘This is the ‘Holy Wars’ part.’ Because a lot of the things were in that kind of vein. Now, is it going back in time? Hell, I don’t know. But I like what I’m hearing.”

There’s no denying the elements of nostalgia that are found throughout “Fatal Illusion,” yet it’s hard to argue with the results. This is Megadeth as the world wants to hear them and the introduction of Loureiro and Adler likely have some role to play in that. What awaits on the full length effort will be determined when Megadeth’s new album ‘Dystopia’ is released on January 22, 2016.

Megadeth, ‘Dystopia’ Track Listing:

The Threat Is Real
Fatal Illusion
Death From Within
Bullet To The Brain
Post American World
Poisonous Shadows
Look Who’s Talking*
Conquer or Die
Lying In State
The Emperor
Last Dying Wish*
Foreign Policy (Fear cover)

* iTunes bonus track