Krokus Issues New Music Video For “Dög Song”
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Hard rock group Krokus have just released the official music video to accompany their new single.

The track is titled “Dög Song”, and just like the rest off the songs from their new album it’s built around an unmistakably Bon Scott-era AC/DC guitar riff.

It’s not simply just the guitar work that makes this song an instant classic rock anthem; it’s a combination of the falsetto soaked lead vocals, deep group melodies, thundering percussion work and pulsating bass playing that all work together perfectly.

In our minds, each and every song off of ‘Dirty Dynamite’ are standout; in fact, it even topped our list of the top five albums released in the beginning of this year. But “Dög Song” proved to be just one of those tunes that proudly stands a little taller than the rest.

If you’re a fan of this group’s earlier outings, or a classic AC/DC fan, than this is an album to go out and grab for yourselves, there’s not a bad song in the bunch and only gets better with each listen.

You can listen to the new single, as well as watch the new music video below.


Listen To “Krokus – Dög Song” 

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