Krokus, ‘Dirty Dynamite’ – Album Review
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Krokus Dirty DynamiteMost readily known throughout the early 80’s for their striking Bon Scott-era AC/DC style of sound showcased in such radio hits as “Long Stick Goes Boom” and the power ballad “Screaming In The Night,” Krokus originally provided fans of early AC/DC an alternative outlet for that distinctive high voltage rock sound.

When it comes to ‘Dirty Dynamite’ that these dynamics aren’t just still fully embraced, and not only have progressed since 1983, but Krokus as a band seems to have fully evolved into something greater altogether, and the result is an album of 12 rampaging rock songs that sounds just as good if not better than anything they released back in the day. Everything from the album cover to the title scream classic rock even more so than Marc Storace’s lung busting lead vocals.

Once we first pop the new disc in, we’re immediately greeted with some gruesome junkyard dog grows, right before the band’s group vocals ring out the chorus to “Hallelujah Rock and Roll,” which sounds like they’re being played on an old .55 vinyl record. The tune soon kicks into full gear, with rampaging guitar licks and percussion pounding all in glorious surplus.

Next up we run into “Go Baby Go,” which sounds like a masterful combination of “Dirty Deeds” meets “Problem Child,” and the end result is downright top notch. Then we face such bluesy hard rock songs as “Let The Good Times Roll” and the title track, which show Krokus fully embracing a more evident “Let There Be Rock” style of sound.

One of the album’s most surprising moments is the band’s spectacular cover of The Beatles “Help.” Krokus are well known for their powerful takes on songs from renowned rock acts, but when it comes to The Beatles, it seemed that their music was simply untouchable, and anyone who tried their own cover of such an iconic song was either very foolish, brave, stupid, or a combination of all three.

Krokus took the originally fast paced song and took it down to a power ballad pace, filled with tempestuous guitar solos and a sound that resembles more Motley Crue than Krokus, but the outcome is just so exemplary that there’s not too much to even consider nit-picking.

From there, we sit back into a comfortable moderately fast paced rock groove, and your finger never once considers to hit the skip button. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tracks that stand out more than others. Some of my personal favorites that more than deserve a mention are the guitar dominated “Dog Song” and the rambunctious “Better Than Sex.”

When it comes to such albums that are damn near perfectionist in quality, I hate to generalize. But overall, ‘Dirty Dynamite’ is an absolutely fantastic return-to-form from the boys outta Switzerland, that any classic or hard rock fan should pick up for themselves, as it is a worthy fit to your ever growing personal music collection.


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