Photo Credit: adels, Flickr

Photo Credit: adels, Flickr

After an extended break to accommodate lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson‘s cancer treatment regimen, Iron Maiden are switching back into full gear for their upcoming studio album ‘The Book of Souls.’ The band have released the music video for the album’s lead single “Speed of Light,” which proves to be a blast from the past for many reasons.

The new track is undoubtedly a return to Iron Maiden’s hard rock roots, with vintage chord progressions and manic screams ala Deep Purple attributing a high octane energy throughout. What’s more, the music video for “Speed of Light’ gives fan favorite mascot Eddie the main role as he explores four decades of both Iron Maiden and video game arcade references.

From a first-person shooter in a Aztec-meets-Jurassic dimension to a 1970s Mario Brothers-esque dystopian future that conjures up elements of 1984’s ‘Powerslave’ and 1986’s ‘Somewhere in Time,’ it’s certainly an entertaining ride throughout this new Iron Maiden video.

The music video for “Speed of Light” was produced and directed by Llexi Leon with animation and visual effects by The Brewery Production Company. Considering this is Leon’s first music video, we would say that this makes the end result even more standout.

It all really comes down to the music, and like we mentioned above “Speed of Light” is much more in line with earlier Iron Maiden than the rogue heavy metal that was prominently displayed on the celebrated 2010 studio album ‘The Final Frontier.’ Still, there are still songs such as the eighteen minute epic “Empire of the Clouds” and the similarly long running “If Eternity Should Fail” in store, so what remains on the entire album is only up to speculation.

“Speed of Light” appears on the upcoming Iron Maiden album ‘The Book of Souls,’ which is expected for release on September 4 through BMG and Parlophone Records.