South Creek Audio Cable Review: Best In It’s Price Range
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South Creek Audio have recently issued a set of guitar cables that rival all others within it’s price range. Read more about what we had to say about these cables in our review!

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Gear Review: The 2.5″ Leather Backed Moody Guitar Strap
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When it was first created, the initial concept behind the guitar strap was solely to be for their practicality: to hold the guitar up on your shoulders. They weren’t necessarily built for comfort; in fact comfort was more of an afterthought, but they helped get the job done.

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Gear Review: The Rocktron Reaction Flanger
rocktron flanger 2
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Have you been striving to get a reaction of people with your guitar playing?

Then The Rocktron Reaction Flanger just might be the ultimate addition to your rig! One of Rocktron’s latest pedals promises to give your sound a vintage flange voicing that’s not only compact, but also gives an amplified sound and tone. And after plenty of experimentation, I think they succeed.

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