Photo by Craig Simon

Photo by Craig Simon

It has been nearly two decades since dedicated Def Leppard fans were presented with new material that’s highlighted by soaring vocal melodies, bold lyrical hooks, crunching guitar licks and the atmospheric production that became one of the most appealing studio qualities on the albums ‘Hysteria,’ ‘Adrenalize’ and ‘Euphoria.’

Def Leppard’s forthcoming self-titled album, due for release via earMusic on October 30, seems to be approaching a similar sonic terrain based upon the already released “Let’s Go” and the latest presentation off of the band’s eleventh installment. “Dangerous” is armed with melodic snags that conjures up references to “Photograph” and “Promises,” only this time set to an accelerated pace that leaves you drifting towards the replay button.

“We went in to do a single at Joe’s house in Dublin,” Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen told Music Enthusiast earlier this year. “That’s kind of our base, if you’d like. He’s had a really nice studio there for twenty-odd years. We go and we stay there, all of that. It’s really nice but we wanted to do a single. In this day and age albums, and really rock albums, they don’t really sell. It’s not the financially viable thing to do these days.

“We just went in there to do a song but we got twelve songs written and started recording them, which for us was like unheard of, you know? We’ve done…it usually takes a lot longer than that when we’re trying so hard, and I think what it really comes down to in a nutshell is that we had no pressure.

“We had no executives or label telling us, “You need to do an album.” It was just like the Stones when they did “Brown Sugar,” and they wrote the songs and Jagger was still writing the lyrics to “Brown Sugar” while the band was recording. It was like that. There’s an excitement and there something with integrity and real about doing that. I think that’s what happened with the Def Leppard album, and nothing’s ever happened like that in thirty-something years.”

The members of Def Leppard concluded their tour of the United States with Foreigner and Night Ranger on October 17 in Jacksonville, Florida. The band is currently preparing for a run of the United Kingdom alongside Whitesnake, after which Def Leppard will return to the United States once again in 2016 with support from Styx and Tesla.