Deep Purple

Deep Purple

Has the title for Deep Purple‘s awaited follow-up to 2013’s ‘Now What?!’ been revealed? It was this past July when we last reported that the members of the veteran rock collective had worked on new material in Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris’ personal recording studio, for what will become the band’s twentieth studio album, and as the collaborative writing process for Deep Purple’s forthcoming album has progressed, so has tentative titles for the effort.

According to fan site Darker Than Blue, drummer Ian Paice will be featured in an upcoming issue of Record Collector magazine, and during a conversation for the publication Paice referred to the band’s new album as ‘Glorious Chaos.’ “Whether this will be the final title or is just a working name we don’t know, though it does sound very Ian Gillan,” the site offers. “Anyhow, he does confirm they’ve done a writing session for it already.”

During an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover informed of their recent sessions in the recording studio of Iron Maiden‘s Steve Harris. “We didn’t make a record for quite a while [after 2005’s ‘Rapture Of The Deep’] and now that we have — I think actually the gap between records really helped, because we were champing at the bit to write and record again,” Glover said.

“We had a writing session six weeks ago. We took a week in Portugal and funny enough, Iron Maiden’s bass player, Steve Harris, is building a studio there. It’s not quite finished, but he let us use the room, because the room was good. So we had about a week there and we’ve got about a dozen rough ideas down. So from here on out, there will probably be another writing session later this year and maybe we’ll even start recording towards the end of the year — or certainly in the New Year.”

Regarding their writing process, Glover offered, “”We jam and jam and jam, and if we find something that we like to play or that works well or inspires us, then we’ll try to knock it into some kind of arrangement. Then, once we’ve got that, Ian [Gillan, vocals] and I will figure out what the song’s really all about, and write the lyrics and all of that stuff.”

As for the frontman himself, Gillan has expressed that while he enjoys working on new material, his main passion is performing live. “I can’t imagine not being on stage,” he explains. “When I was a teenager, I went to a Cliff Bennett concert and I released I wanted to be where he was. The interaction with the audience, and even more important for me, with the musicians – that’s pure magic. With a Deep Purple concert you never know exactly what will happen. I don’t want to miss those feelings.”

Aside from working on their next studio album and recently embarking on their overdue return to North America, the members of Deep Purple have also released a new live offering. ‘Live in Verona‘ surfaced earlier this year via Eagle Rock Entertainment, and documents the rock group’s 2011 performance at the Arena De Verona, a Roman amphitheater whose origin dates back to AD 30, for which Deep Purple were accompanied by a complete symphony orchestra.