Photo Credit: Ilias Katsouras

Photo Credit: Ilias Katsouras

Even though the longtime Pink Floyd mainman took time aside from his solo career to wrap up work on the progressive rock group’s 2014 album ‘The Endless River,’ lead vocalist and guitarist David Gilmour is still adamant about releasing his own record.

The frontman set out to have his follow-up to 2006’s On an Island’ convey a story both musically and lyrically, and now dedicated listeners can listen to an, albeit brief, preview of what’s in store on ‘Rattle That Lock,’ Gilmour’s upcoming studio album.

“‘Rattle That Lock’ was inspired, musically, by the sound that’s played at French railway stations before they make an announcement,” says Gilmour about the track. “It’s a jingle, a four-note jingle that’s played. Everytime I heard it, it would make me want to start dancing.”

An opportunist, Gilmour says he was motivated to capture the song for motivation. “I turned my iPhone on,” he says, “held my iPhone up nearer the speaker, and waited for the next announcement.”

Just like on “Louder Than Words” from ‘The Endless River,’ Gilmour turned to his wife and longtime lyricist Polly Samson when it came down to finalizing the title track from ‘Rattle That Lock.’ “Her lyrics,” Gilmour adds, “are inspired by Book 2 of Paradise Lost, by John Milton.”

Gilmour says that portions of ‘Rattle That Lock’ were recorded at his iconic houseboat studio, the Astoria. Pink Floyd previously united at the Astoria on multiple occasions to record 1987’s ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason’ and 1994’s ‘The Division Bell,’ as well as ‘The Endless River.’

David Gilmour’s new album ‘Rattle That Lock’ is expected for release on September 18. You can listen to an official fifteen second preview of the title track below.