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The 15 Best Campfire Songs For Your Next Adventure

Planning a camping trip and looking for some new songs to sing around the campfire?

Well, you’re in luck!

We’re rounded up some of the best songs out there that you can sing around the campfire with your buddies.

Keep reading for inspiration.

1. “Ring of Fire”

In my opinion the best campfire song is Ring of Fire from Johnny Cash.

Easy to play, easy to sing for most (even nonsinger) and everybody knows it.

— Michael Barnett, Performer Life

2. “The Campfire Song Song”

I’m not ashamed to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Camping Episode from SpongeBob Squarepants, especially the bit where they sang the Campfire Song Song!

And since I play a little bit of the guitar myself, it just became a staple song for camping trips with the family because of how fun it is to sing and how it easily puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

— Matthew Paxton, Hypernia

Maybe I’m just a product of my generation, but I genuinely love and enjoy the Campfire Song Song from Spongebob Squarepants! It’s short, fun, and easy for anybody to learn!

— Kieren Windsor, That Hammock Life

3. “Good Riddance (Time of your life)”

The best campfire song for me is the song of Green Day, which is the Good Riddance (Time of your life). Why?

Because the rhythm of this song is so pleasant and the hype of traveling and camping makes the vibe so good.

If you will check the lyrics of the song it says, It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right. I hope you had the time of your life.

These lines are so powerful that the song moves me whenever I am listening to it. It reminds me of how my life passes by based on my decision and not by the dictation of others.

In the end, I have considered all decisions I’ve made have resulted in success and it is indeed the best time of my life.

— Petra Amara, Rowing Crazy

4. “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”

My wife and I have 2 little boys, so a lot of the campfire singing we do these days are children’s songs. Our family favorite is “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.

The kids love it, and they’re always singing it when we go hiking as well, pretending they’re little explorers out looking for a bear.

— Matt Price, ATVA Online

5. “I’m Yours”

My favorite and go-to campfire song is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. As a guitar player, I love playing this song.

Its chord progression is pretty simple but catchy. It has a clear on-beat and off-beat so that even if there isn’t any instrument around, we can still clap to ourselves and make it sound good.

Additionally, this is a song that everyone can sing along to. There isn’t any high or low note, you just have to sing the lyric and enjoy yourself.

— John Vo, Your Destination is Everywhere

6. “5 Green and Speckled Frogs”

My favorite campfire song comes from my days as a girlscout.

I remember us all sitting around a campfire and singing 5 Green and Speckled Frogs, at the top of our lungs. I had so many memorable camping trips with the Girl Scouts.

— Savanah Gordon, Vanah Lynn Designs

7. “You Are My Sunshine “

I’m usually camping with my Jeep so I can bring my ukelele with me.

You Are My Sunshine is a good campfire song that most people know, so I’ll play that typically.

It’s important to play things that people know so they can sing along, or at least hum along.

— Johnathan R. Smith, Camper Guide

8. “Wagon Wheel”

My favorite song to play while camping is Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker.

It’s got a rustic feeling to it that sounds like a cowboy song, which is perfect for sitting around a campfire.

It’s popular enough that most people know it — but it’s not so popular that my camping companions are disappointed I’m way worse singer than Darius Rucker!

— Alex Williams, Get Vegan

9. “Kumbaya”

My favorite campfire song is Kumbaya because it is a classic song that is easy to sing and fun for kids and adults alike.

It reminds me of camping with girl scouts when I was a child.

— Angela Wills, Savvy Homemade

10. “Boom Chicka Boom”

I think the best campfire song (especially for kids) is Boom Chicka Boom. This song is so fun and goofy and my kids love to sing it every time we go camping.

The great thing about this song is you don’t have to know the exact lyrics, you just have to remember the chorus.

It allows the kids to freestyle the lyrics and get creative and just have a great time with it.

— Greg Halter, Year of the Dad

11. “Sweet Caroline”

“Sweet Caroline… and then the trumpet played!” It is my favorite campfire song, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

What makes me into this song is that it was the first song that I memorized on our camping when I was just a boy and every time we get together until now, we always sing this together.

I think it is not just the beat of the music, it is about the good memories that you remember every time the song played.

— Matthew Brown, Sleep Authorities

12. “Stand by Me”

“Stand by Me” is a well-known campfire song that is an excellent, choice especially when gathered with big groups.

The song touches on togetherness and loyalty and it is also quite simple to learn and sing along to, which makes it an enjoyable choice to also perform while amongst good company.

Moreover, since the track is very popular, it’s actually quite easy and catchy to remember too. Plus, even if you are unfamiliar with it, it only takes a few minutes to get used to the song’s chord structure.

— Anita Carroll, Very Create

13. “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

My favorite campfire song is John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Easy to play with a guitar, and easy on the ears. And I also love the very descriptive lyrics, like it’s meant to be sang outdoors, where home is, for some people.

— Mike Powell, Dog Embassy

14. “Let It Be”

“Let It Be” – The Beatles. During a campfire, we want to relax, chill and unwind and this song’s melody can give us that.

It is easy to play on guitars and can be a perfect bonding session with your friends. Not only that, this song encourages people to not give up because there is always hope in everything.

So in every campfire experience, I let it be. 🙂

— April Maccario, Ask April

15. “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”

Growing up in the South, I have to say that there are a lot of great options here.

But my favorite has got to be Will The Circle Be Unbroken – especially if you have a large group of people sitting around the campfire.

And even better if you’ve got a few people with instruments.

— Steven Evans, Air Fryer Bro

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