The 9 Best Rock Albums of 2020

Rock is one of the genres that is most enjoyed in a group. In the wake of Covid-19, which led to imposing social gathering restrictions, many artists postponed the release of their album to 2021. While it has suffered a great deal of fun, absence one thing which makes it enjoyable, the rock bands have persevered the ordeal. They have released albums in isolation and the absence of an audience, ensuring that rock fun continues to enjoy their favorite music as they await the resumption of live shows.

Are you wondering what the best rock albums are for 2020? Below is a list of the top nine best rock albums for 2020. You can listen to them on your Apple music playlist or Spotify playlist.

1. Bob Dylan: Rough and Rowdy Ways

After almost sixty years of his career, having released 38th studio albums and won a Nobel prize, Dylan has made a comeback on the stage at the age of 79 years to release his 39th album. He had gone underground only to resurface almost a decade ago in 2020 with Rough and rowdy ways. It topped with 34,000 charts and 29,000 CD purchases. This is his attempt to keep up with the 20th-century style and funs preference and hope to survive into the 21st century. Underneath is the melancholy which peaks the sublime end of Key West. These stunners make up Dylan’s funniest and most multidimensional album since Love and Theft. At the age of 79, Dylan has surpassed Paul Simon, whose Stranger To Stranger album topped number one at 74 years.

2. Bruce Springsteen: Letter to You

In this album, Bruce mixes gritty rock with high drama packed with guitar soaring tenor making the letter feel more like a classic era E street band and nothing close to what he has released in a decade. He released this album in October 2020. It was his first studio album with E street band since 2014 to be released. It has, however, been met with numerous critics, critics which has been responded through his other album, aging, and mortality. Letter to you has a familiar sound. It fits elegantly with the subject matter where the present moment carries the full weight of the past.

3. My Morning Jacket’s: The Waterfall II

The waterfall II album was released on July 10th, 2020. It is the eighth studio album by the American rock band My Morning Jacket. Since the release of the album, it has received positive critics. This album appeals to the comfort zone of the funs by just being released in 2020. While this album was designed for a live setting, the best thing we can do is close our eyes, listen and imagine how a live band could be for maximum enjoyment. The waterfall II is not only a companion to the Waterfall but one of the best My Morning Jacket albums and will serve as an excellent soundtrack.

4. Ganser: Just Look at That Sky

It’s like poetic narrative, even if the world is in trouble, keep your sense. The Chicago rock band Ganser released a new danceable album “Just Look at That Sky” last year, releasing the metaphysical discomfort. What perfect timing as most people are at their final straw and are helplessly searching for better ways to cope with life. It is played with a scrambled noise, art rock, post-punk, guitar licks, driving beats, and lyrics built on a grim sense of irony. The music in this album makes the listener feels like it is telling a captivating story.

5. Machine Gun Kelly: Tickets to My Downfall

In the wake of a pandemic, who would have guessed that the first rock album to top on a billboard 200 in 2020 would come from Machine Gun Kelly? The bad boy signed a rapper who had only released one album in 2019. The album has a strong kick-off on the mainstream pop scale, something that many rock stars have not been able to do in a long time. It is the kind of album that sets a 12-year-old trashing their bedroom again or a 20-year-old crushing several bears with a friend in college. Besides, it has an excellent production edge, mental health-focused lyrics, and timeless melodies.

6. Pearl Jam: Gigaton

Gigaton is the 11th studio album of Pearl jam and its first to be released in seven years. It was released on March 27th, 2020, in the wake of a pandemic. The strong songwriting from Eddie Vedder’s “Gigaton” is an excellent innovative and brilliant record that has rekindles the band’s glory days. The album brings a sense of old-school community as it throwaway garage band grit of a more recent studio. With the recent album release, you all hear the great lost beats of pearl jam.

7. The Killers: Imploring the mirage

This album was released on August 21st, 2020. It is the band’s sixth album. It is a triumphant journey out of the desert packaged in ten excellent dance jams distancing themselves from the group of exploring trauma in exchange for an unbreakable optimism. The album features a ripping guitar solo that makes listeners feel invincible. The band knows how to get its funs dancing.

8. Neil Young: Homegrown

The homegrown album was initially recorded in 1974 after a relationship breakdown. However, Young got cold feet over it and never got to be released. It is the second previously unreleased studio album from Young’s archives series. Instead, he released the loud and cathartic “Tonight’s the Night.” For all those years, the album remained on the shelf, and only in June 2020, it got released. It sounds like the classic Neil Young.

9. Perfume Genius: Set My Heart on Fire Immediately

Set my heart on fire immediately is the fifth studio album of an American musician Perfumed Genius. It was released on May 15th, 2020. Upon its release, it receives critical acclaim and few critics. It has been praised for exploring queer themes and homages to 80s pop and classic rock music. It has helped the band set their career-high, and the only thing we can wonder is what to expect next.

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