krokus dog song

Krokus’ “Dog Song” easily makes our list of this year’s Best Music Videos.

This year has had some miraculous comebacks and regularly standout albums from an impressive list of renowned rock and metal artists. Some of these groups went the extra mile, and instead of just issuing a simple lyric video for their lead single (or in some cases, nothing at all!), bands brought humor, nostalgic appeal and pride to create some enjoyable music videos. We now present our list of the Best Music Videos of 2013.


10) “Mindless Ones”

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet, the band who created the heavy metal hit “Space Lord,” released a memorable music video to commemorate their new single “Mindless Ones.” The video places Monster Magnet in the middle of the studio, performing along to flashing stage lights and creative background video animations.



9) “Right Here Right Now”


Yes, actually this song was released as a bonus track off of Kiss‘ 2012 studio album ‘Monster.’ However earlier this year, the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees offered fans a new music video largely set to explosive live footage, with Paul Stanley leading the viewer into singing along to the chorus. Considering this song might just be the best song off ‘Monster,’ and that this music video was released this year, “Right Here Right Now” earned a nomination for this year’s list.



8) “No More Hell to Pay”


Stryper gave a spectacular return to form on their second album of the year, ‘No More Hell to Pay.’ To help make 2013 that much more memorable for Stryper fans, the band filmed their first new music video in over two decades for the album’s hard hitting title track. The music video has the members of Stryper performing out in the middle of the desert, with drummer Robert Sweet humorously found tapping his drum sticks in the air for the majority of the piece.



7) “The Flower Song”

Tom Keifer

Tom Keifer delivered his long awaited solo album ‘The Way Life Goes‘ earlier this year. It marked the renowned Cinderella vocalist’s first new effort in over a decade, and “The Flower Song” is a proud highlight. A romanticized acoustic ballad much in the vein of ‘Heartbreak Station,’ the track was given an appropriately touching music video.



6) “Knockdown Dragout”

Sammy Hagar feat. Kid Rock, Joe Satriani

Sammy Hagar recruited an impressive line of talent to aid him in creating his new solo effort ‘Sammy Hagar & Friends.’ Everyone from his former Van Halen band member Michael Anthony to Heart’s Nancy Wilson make an appearance on this musically diverse outing. “Knockdown Dragout” shows Hagar partnering up with Kid Rock and guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, while scenes of boxers battling it out in the ring serve as the backdrop.



5) “Fallout”


While we’re in the mood for standout comebacks it’s important to mention Queensryche‘s remarkable self-titled album, which topped our list of the Top Metal Albums of 2013. Queensryche manage to revert to their iconic ‘Empire’-era progressive metal style, and “Fallout” is one of the album’s proudest moments. The song’s music video captures the band onstage debuting the song to an already energized crowd.



4) “God Is Dead?”

Black Sabbath

One of the most unlikeliest of heavy metal comeback albums finally surfaced this year: Black Sabbath‘s ‘13.’ Their long awaited reunion with original lead vocalist Ozzy Osbourne showcased all of the elements which made classic Black Sabbath so exceptional, and “God Is Dead?” is certainly no exception. This music video boasts some impressive animations and fitting effects which tie into the thought provoking anthem.



3) “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Black Label Society

Black Label Society took an entertaining approach when it came to creating the music video for their cover of Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine.” While the song itself is a fitting tribute to the original rendition, Zakk Wilde can be found wearing a horse helmet and brawling with a chicken in the middle of a diner to win the heart of his love, a unicorn. The creative approach which the band took when creating this music video is as applaudable as it is enjoyably disturbing.



2) “Vincent Price”

Deep Purple

Deep Purple‘s long awaited nineteenth studio album ‘Now What?!‘ finally surfaced in 2013. Most accurately described as a cross between ‘Live in Japan’ and ‘Perfect Strangers,’ Deep Purple’s new effort has the potential to appeal to any dedicated follower. For their music video for “Vincent Price,” Deep Purple stuck with a style similar to what one would find from a traditional late 1930’s photographic horror film. Black and white scenes, cheap makeup and monster costumes are qualities which most newer bands would avoid, yet it all works to Deep Purple’s advantage.



1) “Dog Song”


Krokus delivered a new conclave of blues-driven rock and roll, very much still in the vein of their main source of inspiration AC/DC, on their new album ‘Dirty Dynamite.’ The entire album would sit comfortably alongside any Bon Scott-fronted material, with distorted guitars and falsetto screams making the listener feel right in the mood for a long drive. And that’s exactly the direction with Krokus decided to take on their music video for “Dog Song,” which is centered around your average bulldog’s common activities: smoking a joint, listening to ‘Headhunter’ and driving a vintage automobile. The enjoyably comical aspect to this video in particular makes it an instant favorite, thus topping our list of The Best Music Videos of 2013.



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