Photo courtesy of The Murder of My Sweet

Photo courtesy of The Murder of My Sweet

Since unifying in Stockholm back in 2006, the members of The Murder of My Sweet have started formulating a ferocious breed of symphonic metal that is beginning to resonate with dedicated followers of the genre.

Most recently, The Murder of My Sweet returned with their first studio album in three years. ‘Beth Out of Hell’ stands right alongside the unit’s previous two installments in terms of their assertive musicianship and aggressive approach, while boasting the concept of a forbidden romance rooted back in biblical times.

The Murder of My Sweet lead vocalist Angelica Rylin recently sat down with Music Enthusiast to talk about the inspiration behind ‘Beth Out of Hell,’ the band’s cinematic influences and her recent venture as a solo artist.


Music Enthusiast: I really like the new album. I understand it’s based on Beth, who is a devil?

Angelica Rylin: Our idea for ‘Beth Out of Hell’ is actually based on Beth, who is the daughter of Lucifer and she falls in love with the Archangel Michael.  It is our idea of the Romeo and Juliet story. Based in hell and up in heaven, Beth has this immense amount of power because she’s from hell, and she also has a slightly messed up personality. We found inspiration from Greek and Roman Mythology and from The Bible and combined it with natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and avalanches and pin what is wrong with world on Beth and her obsession on Michael. You know, like when you have an obsessed girlfriend. (laughs) That is basically Beth. She does irrational things, she makes swift decisions that are not thought through always and she creates hell on earth to get attention from the one she loves.  That is what we cooked up for the story. I think the interesting thing is to get feedback from our listeners later on and have them interpret the story and hear what they think about it.

So, it is sort of like real life?

Sort of! (laughs)

As I say, emotions take over your intellect.

Yeah and it really does for her. So what could possibly happen when you have fixated on someone like that and you have all these powers to create hell on earth? What else?

Hide, barricade yourself and arm yourself.

You can do that, but is fun in telling that story? (laughs)

I have been listening to the album and what caught me is the band music is categorized under “Cinematic Rock.” I have not seen that before.



I had never heard it before we released our first album. When our label, media and the fans started to label us as “Cinematic Metal,” I really think it fit. But since then I have seen a number of other bands using the term as well.

I am not sure if we sort of brought it to the metal scene or it was already there but people are now catching on and seeing quite a few bands using it.

For us it felt so natural because Daniel Flores [drums and keyboards] and I have been huge movie buffs and always interested in soundtracks and score music for movies and films, and also some musical theater as well.

For this album and all of our albums, we wanted to take that element to our music when we arrange our orchestrations and our instruments. We want to do it as if we were doing it for a movie. For this album and this concept story, I think we really got a chance to explore that even more and dig deeper to that cinematic feel. That was our goal and I believe we pulled through with it.

I could even see this album being made into a mini-movie.

My hope is when people close their eyes when listening to the album, it is happening in front of them like a movie.

While the band is planning to go on tour, is the plan to act parts of this album as a theatrical performance?

We would love to take this album on tour and it would be huge project. We would definitely like to play the whole album through. We probably would like to use a movie screen instead of a back drop and a VJ controlling each song and make a deeper experience for the audience to take the cinematic feel to another level. We are definitely thinking about it but don’t have no plans or dates yet. It will be a huge project and we will see. Also would be a great experience for us and the audience.

Are there any plans to make a music video using those characters from the album?

We are releasing another music video next week for one of the songs. We released a couple weeks ago, a lyric video for “The Humble Servant.”  Even though that was a lyric video, we wanted to make it little more interactive and cinematic as well. For the music video we are releasing next week, we also tapped little more into the film area and tried to make a little something of it. You will see next week, but we really wanted to bring the cinematic feel of it all both from the music and everything like the visuals we do in the music videos.

I understand you’re back in school?

Yep. Never too late. (laughs)

Between school and the touring plans, that will keep you busy.

My life has been like this for the past ten years and I am quite used to it. When you are clear on your priorities it gets easier and for me, The Murder Of My Sweet will be number one. When you do things that you love, it is not a burden. It is a passion and without making music and singing, I am not just happy. I have to do it and it gives me energy, as well. When you go to sleep at night, you are so dead tired. You have to be up so early tomorrow and you’ve just been in the studio writing something magical or singing for a album, and it is totally worth it because you go to sleep with a smile on your face.

What are you studying at school?

Online and Social Media. It is a new line of work.

Do you take the courses online or do you have to go to the campus?

I go to the school five days a week and it’s a real education. It is really, really fun and a new line of work basically. It’s quite new and has been there for about past five years maybe. It is not uncommon to work with social media and online presence, and in Sweden it is more and more common that employers have their own social media manager or online presence.

When you get to perform, do you do it on school breaks and/or the semester’s end?

Basically, but this education is easy going in terms of getting the work done; it doesn’t matter if I am there or not. It comes back to me as if I fail a test I have to do it over again. I can do a couple days a week. It would it not be optimal to me but it is optional.


There are talks to get the band performing this year and next year? Will the performances stay in Europe?

We have no idea at the moment. We would love to perform at America and we did radio show at India. We would love to travel the world and would like to go to Asia, as well. We will have to see. It is something we really, really want to do. We previously just toured in Europe, France and Germany. But we would love to come over, we’d absolutely love too.

There are multiple female-fronted bands that don’t like the term “Female-fronted Metal.” Does that description bother you?

For me it doesn’t really matter, but I can see why they are thinking that. Why it is not called “Male-fronted Metal”?


For me it is another sub-genre, I guess. I am quite happy with the term “Cinematic Metal,” so for me it’s to divide it up into sub-genres in that kind of way like “Melodic,” “Symphonic” or “Cinematic” is fine with me. I am not really bothered by it, no.

Two years ago you recorded a solo album or an EP. Was that to break away from the band record music of your own sound and those that have influenced you?

Actually, I was approached by Frontiers Records and asked if I was interested in recording a solo album that would tap more into the 80’s, AOR, rock music that was also the music my parents listened to when I was growing up. It was a great chance to go back to my roots. I’ve always had great relationship with Frontiers since they released their first album as well. I couldn’t say no and it was a great side project while we working on ‘Beth Out of Hell,’ and a nice distraction as well. I would love to do another one if given the chance and I really had fun doing it. I was in Italy performing at the Frontiers Rock festival with songs from my solo album and the fans really appreciated it and asked me to record another one. I will see if I’ll have time and am willing to do it. At the moment I consider it a really, really fun side project and happy with that if that is all that is.

So when you graduate next April, let’s get the band together because it is time to be onstage to release that stress and tension.

Exactly! (laughs) I am looking forward to it and would be awesome.

It was good talking to you. We’re looking forward to more music from you and for the band to come over to the United States.

That will be coming, I promise you.