Photo by Yuichi Sakuraba

Photo by Yuichi Sakuraba

New music from Aerosmith appears to be off the table for the foreseeable future, so if you want to hear fresh material from lead vocalist Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry you will have to pay attention to their solo careers. Tyler has found instant success with his first country music single “Love Is Your Name,” and now Perry is similarly preparing for another standalone effort.

Having previously released his third solo album ‘Have Guitar, Will Travel’ back in 2009, Perry is looking to take a more unique approach with his fourth installment outside of Aerosmith. Most of the details about the album have been released through Perry’s official Twitter account, through which Perry has described the effort as having more “diversity” than his earlier releases.

Perry began writing for his fourth album during the making of his 2014 autobiography, ‘Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith,’ however didn’t have enough time to finish those sessions on the spot. That work has since been resumed and will be a primarily instrumental venture, although Perry says either himself or a guest vocalist will appear on a handful of tracks.

The forthcoming album has no tentative release date as of this writing, however Perry has confirmed that a reissue of his 2014 holiday EP, ‘Joe Perry’s Merry Christmas,’ will be on the market later this year.

Aerosmith most recently released their 2012 album ‘Music From Another Dimension,’ whose release was delayed following complications with the rock group’s record label and subsequently received less-than-ideal promotion. Although Perry previously expressed mixed emotions about returning with another Aerosmith album, guitarist Brad Whitford is hoping that Tyler’s solo career with reignite Aerosmith’s passion for songwriting.