Music Enthusiast Magazine is the one stop destination for all things related to rock and metal. Founded in January 2013, our publication has since developed a strong reputation for delivering a consistent stream of news reports, reviews, and articles with the collaborative input of our team of contributors.

Since our formation, Music Enthusiast Magazine has developed a readership following and a heavy presence on social media networks. The publication originated in the Central Florida area and has since expanded across the United States.

Publisher/Editor-In-Chief – William S. Clark IV

Senior Writers

  • Heather M. Wright (Journalist)
  • Craig Newman (Photojournalist)
  • Michael Harley (Journalist)
  • Carolann C. Berry (Journalist)
  • Ed Richardson (Photojournalist)
  • Kris Holub (Journalist)
  • Daniel Sherrill (Photojournalist)
  • John Ross (Journalist)
  • Danae Saree (Journalist)
  • Jason Atherton (Photojournalist)
  • Andrew Maxey (Journalist)
  • Mark Uricheck (Journalist)
  • Steve Neff (Photojournalist)
  • Bill St. Arnauld (Photojournalist)
  • Christopher A. Daniel (Journalist)
  • Darren Russinger (Photojournalist)
  • Tammy Greene (Photojournalist)
  • Grace Prachthauser (Photojournalist)