Photos by Ralph Arvesen/ Craig Simon/ Abby Gillardi

Photos by Ralph Arvesen/ Craig Simon/ Abby Gillardi

2015 has certainly been a year well recognized for it’s fair share of rough moments, in which even the music industry hasn’t been immune, however it has also been a year readily celebrated for consisting of highlights from hard rock and heavy metal artists.

These past twelve months have been the host of some remarkable comebacks, thrilling concert tours, rewarding album and song releases, and music videos which left us hitting the replay button only moments after.

Following the annual tradition here at Music Enthusiast Magazine, we’re compiling our own thoughts on the most standout moments of the year; however, it’s now your turn to decide which artists made the most impact as part of the 2015 MEM Awards.

From the currently available categories, the Artist of the Year bracket spotlights musicians and bands who were nearly nonstop working on the road and collaborating with their fellow heavyweights on new music. Some groups, such as Slipknot and Def Leppard, went out on multiple headlining arena tours, whereas others like Rush and Motley Crue commemorated an end to touring with one last go around.

Comeback of the Year spotlights bands who went against the odds and delivered monumental returns, either in the form of new music, extensive tours or challenges within their lineup. Tour of the Year turns our attention towards the plentiful tours which highlighted 2015; many of which were featured further in our line of exclusive live music coverage over the past twelve months.

Album of the Year, Live Album of the Year and Song of the Year compiles the most rewarding listens from 2015, whereas Music Video of the Year offers justified recognition for bands who went the extra mile and turned over a visual feast to accompany a standalone single.

The complete cast of ballots can be found below. Voting will remain open now through January 15, 2016 at 23:59:59 EST. You can vote once per hour. The winning artist from each category will be announced beginning January 16, 2016.