Photo Credit: W.A.S.P.

Photo Credit: W.A.S.P.

Heavy metal veterans W.A.S.P. may have very well just prepared a new studio album that stands right against their classic body of work. What we have heard from the nine tracks that comprise ‘Golgotha‘ have all been centered around driving chord progressions and the snarling lyrics of mainman Blackie Lawless, and the newly released “Scream” is no different.

Sure, it would be fair to point out the clear similarities between this new W.A.S.P. track and that of the classic “Wild Child” and the more recent “Crazy” from 2008’s ‘Babylon,’ but perhaps that’s also one of the most appealing elements on “Scream.” The current band members (guitarist Doug Blair, bassist Mike Duda) have been around for quite some time now, which could explain for this cohesiveness. Regardless of the reason, “Scream” is classic W.A.S.P. for 2015.

Lawless had previously stated that the direction on ‘Golgotha’ was more closely directed towards those earlier albums, and even features the song “Miss You” which was previously penned during the making of ‘The Crimson Idol’ record. It took nearly four years for W.A.S.P. to wrap up production on ‘Golgotha,’ however it’s already been worth the wait based upon these past few tracks.

“The rehearsals for this album started in the spring of 2011,” says Lawless. “A lot of time was spent just talking about the direction of the songs and really trying to turn the songs inside out to see exactly where they wanted to go.

“One thing you learn over the years in the songwriting process is that after the songs begin to take shape, they will eventually start to talk back to you and they will tell you where they wanna go. The trick is learning to listen when they speak. This process of writing and arranging and the demos went on for several months before we even began to record the album for real.”

The lyric video for “Scream” compliments the brooding overtones of the anthemic track, while incorporating themes from the ‘Golgotha’ album artwork. Says Lawless: “‘Scream’ was the track we felt really opened the album with the kick we were looking for. The animation on the video is outstanding and truly takes you on a trip. ‘You’re gonna cry if you want me, You’re gonna lie if you love me!’ It’s enough to make you wanna scream!”

W.A.S.P.’s fifteenth studio album ‘Golgotha’ is due for release on October 2 via Napalm Records.