We’re just a third of the way through 2013, and already we have had some fantastic albums. With new releases from such iconic rock bands as Krokus and Drivin’ n Cryin’, as well as one surprising return-to-form album that nobody saw coming, it’s been a great year for rock and roll so far.

We have a number of standout albums slated for release later on this year, such as Black Sabbath’s highly anticipated comeback and new albums by both versions of Queensryche, which we definitely will keep our eyes out for. But in the meantime, here is our list of the Best Albums Of 2013 (So Far!)


songs from the psychedelic time clock cover5) ‘Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock’

Drivin’ n Cryin’

The third EP in Drivin’ n Cryin’s magazine subscription-style series shows the band taking on a powerful psychedelic rock style of sound, and successfully managing to channel elements of such acts as The Who and Tom Petty throughout an array of standout new compositions.

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People Hell and Angels4) ‘People, Hell and Angels’

Jimi Hendrix

The 12th “new” studio album released since his death, ‘People, Hell and Angels’ features 12 previously unreleased tracks from the Jimi Hendrix library. Over ridden with blues and experimental elements, it’s a proud collection of songs that were originally set to be the guitar legend’s follow-up to ‘Electric Ladyland.’

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beatallica_abbey_load3) ‘Abbey Load’


Mashup masters Beatallica give a masterful performance throughout the appropriately titled Abbey Load, that proudly showcases the combination of Beatles songs with crunching Metallica elements. It’s an album full of wild, ambitious, comedic rock greatness, that burns with a continuously thrilling intensity.

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United World Rebellion2) ‘United World Rebellion: Chapter One’

Skid Row

When it was announced that Skid Row would be releasing a new EP, nobody expected it would be halfway decent, let alone their best new material in nearly two decades. Pulsating with engaging guitar riffs and screaming vocals, this proud collection of songs sound just as good, if not better than their late 80’s classics.

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Krokus Dirty Dynamite1) ‘Dirty Dynamite’


Krokus brought their signature, Bon Scott-era AC/DC style of sound back into the studio to create yet another instant classic. This album showed the classic rock icons paying tribute to The Beatles with a rambunctious cover of “Help!” alongside a dynamic set of new compositions that shows Krokus at the top of their game.

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