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Stryper, ‘Second Coming’ – Album Review

May 22, 2013
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Between the standout new additions and the broad takes on their classic songs, Stryper deliver a knockout punch with ‘Second Coming’. If you’re already in the market for a ‘Greatest Hits’ release, than this is an album to definitely go for. And any fan of their earlier works will find this a good listen, while we patiently await the band’s second 2013 offering.

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Stryper, ‘Live At Java Rockin’ Land’ – DVD Review

March 19, 2013
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Onward, Christian soldiers! Stryper are a renowned hard rock and heavy metal band, who first gained attention on MTV and the airwaves for their combination of 80’s style rock and more positive, religious-themed lyrics. Throughout the past 27 years, they have produced multiple radio topping anthems, such as “Calling On You”, “Free”, and the notorious “To Hell With The Devil”.

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