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Most Anticipated Album of 2015 – Readers Poll

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While all things are subject to change at a moment’s notice, from the latest reports there is an impressionable compilation of new material slated for release from an arsenal of rock and metal athletes throughout 2015. Just as this past year was vividly decorated by an assortment of fulfilling comebacks and hard hitting regular installments, these upcoming twelve months are quickly proving to be no different than their predecessors.

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Alice Cooper Gives Wacken a Live Dose of “Poison” During New Concert Footage

Alice Cooper

The King of Shock Rock is the subject of the first in a new line of live recordings from UDR, all of whom will focus on documented performances which have taken place at the Wacken Open Air music festival. This is a fitting decision; after all, which veteran rocker can deliver a more formidable live performance than Alice Cooper, especially without the widely implemented aid of face melting pyrotechnics?

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