When Saxon first formed in 1976 in Barnsley, Yorkshire, they originally performed under the name “Son of A Bitch”. They thankfully changed their name to Saxon and went on to become one of the most influential bands during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

The group had huge success in the 1980s with a total of eight UK Top 40 albums, four of which landed within the Top 10. Saxon also had numerous Top 20 singles. Between 1980 and 1987, Saxon established themselves as one of Europe’s biggest metal acts, and for some reason are considered to be a cult band in the USA.

Saxon, who has 29 albums including their most recent outing ‘Sacrifice’, have been very influential to the metal music scene for over 30 years. Their music is rooted in historical topics, including President Kennedy’s assassination, the Apollo moon landing, battles between the Norseman, the Saracon religion and territory takeovers from different tribes which are in some areas continue to this day.

On October 4, 2013, The Denim and Leather veterans of heavy metal returned to Los Angeles at the House of Blues in support of their current album and to celebrate the anniversary when thirty years ago they first performed at the Whiskey a Go-Go on the Sunset Strip.

Saxon opened the show with the title song from their current album, before transitioning to their next song, “Red Line”. The ninety minute show was non stop from beginning to end, with the band effortlessly performing some of their most iconic songs, including “Power and the Glory”, “Dogs of War”, “Wheels of Steel” and “Rock and Roll Gypsy”, the last of which featured Fozzy lead vocalist Chris Jericho who came on stage to sing with band.

Also performed were the hard hitting “Sailing to America”, “This Town Rocks”, “Crusader”, and “Princess of the Night”. They have could have played for much longer, their energy seeming limitless, yet unfortunately there was not enough time.

The members of Saxon still have the energy and sound as they did forty years ago. Their music of metal anthems and other history and other experience that have and will influence other metal and hard rock bands and musicians for generation, and so when they come to your town and you are able to go, do not miss out on a truly memorable experience.