Photo by Sven Mandel

Photo by Sven Mandel

It was certainly a difficult time to be a Queensryche fan from 2012 to 2014. Some progressive metal advocates, myself included, would consider those two years to have included some of the most eventful and controversial moments surrounding a major lineup change in the history of the genre. Fortunately enough, everything would be sorted out and Todd La Torre and company would obtain sole possession of the Queensryche name.

While the audience can surely benefit from the reestablished simplicity with having a single Queensryche out on the market and releasing music, La Torre especially feels a relief now that that moment in the band’s history is behind them. While acknowledging that “it’s not my fight, because this is stuff that was before me,” the vocalist explained to Mitch Lafon that there was still a substantial amount of pressure that came along with being the frontman for Queensryche.

“It becomes my problem, because I’m the new singer in the band and I’ve got a bullseye on my throat and everybody critiquing and comparing and criticizing, and some people think it’s awesome and other people think it’s horrible, and… you know, whatever,” La Torre offered. “I try to stay out of that drama, but the fact remains that the most frustrating part was just fan confusion. ‘Oh, I’m going to see Queensryche.’ ‘Eh, which version?'”

The further confusion that particular surrounded the listings for shows on Ticketmaster featuring wrong photos for both the Queensryche with La Torre and the now extinguished Queensryche with estranged singer Geoff Tate also complicated matters. “If people wanted to go see Geoff’s band and it’s our photo, that’s not good for him,” recognized Todd. “And if people see his photo but wanted to see us, maybe they don’t buy a ticket, ’cause they don’t know which version it is. So that wasn’t good for us. So, certainly there was fan confusion.”

While also noting that two albums from both lineups that were released around the same time, those being Queensryche’s self-titled rebirth and Geoff Tate’s ‘Frequency Unknown,’ La Torre says both he and the rest of the band are glad to move forward from the issue. “It was an unfortunate time for everybody, but we certainly have no hard feelings towards the issue anymore; it’s been put to rest,” he said.

“Everyone seems to be doing what they want happily, and there’s no hard feelings here. We’re just focused on what we’re doing. But, again, now there’s no fan confusion. When Queensryche puts a record out, there’s only one. And so, certainly that makes it just a lot easier, and the fan confusion has, if not completely gone away, almost gone away.”

Sure enough, Queensryche will return on October 2 with their sophomore album featuring Todd La Torre on vocals, ‘Condition Human.’


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