Photo by Sven Mandel

Photo by Sven Mandel

Progressive metal advocates have been looking forward to the release of the second Queensryche record with newly appointed frontman Todd La Torre at the helm since the release of their 2013 self-titled reboot. With the October 2nd release date for ‘Condition Human‘ steadily approaching, the members of Queensryche are looking to vindicate the dedication of their resilient fan base.

Following the warm reception to the album’s lead single “Arrow of Time,” Todd La Torre is now expressing his feelings about the end result which comprises his sophomore effort with Queensryche. “We recorded a total of fifteen named tracks, and there’s no fat or filler on it,” La Torre told Metal Nation Radio.

“A lot of the songs… It is heavier in many ways. There’s a complexity to the songs. There’s a lot more layers happening. Vocally, because of the nature of the songs and how they ended up, kind of, evolving, allowed me to do vocal things that I wanted to do on this record that maybe people haven’t heard me do. We’re very proud of it. It’s definitely pure Queensryche.”

Todd La Torre had previously developed his own name prior to stepping in as the new frontman for Queensryche, having spent time as the singer for Crimson Glory and exploring a broad variety of vocal styles in those live performances. According to La Torre, some of that ended up transferring onto the final product of ‘Condition Human.’

“I was able to, like I say, do things that were a little more gritty and aggressive to some very, kind of, ‘breathy’ falsetto-type singing on the intro of one of the songs. Some of the songs break down to where I’m able to do a lot more of that slower, haunting, emotional style of delivery that I like to do,” he explains.

“The lyrical content is very deep. It’s a record that, I think, people are going to get more of with each listen. That’s how it was for me with ‘Operation: Mindcrime,’ for example; when I first got that record, I really learned to appreciate it more with each listen. There were things that I didn’t recall hearing before, and it really grew on me. So I feel that way about this record. And we’re really excited for the world to hear all of the songs.”

Although La Torre says ‘Condition Human’ wasn’t written as a concept album, he says: “When we were discussing titling the record, each song points back to human dynamics — whether it’s relationship things or there are social issues… You know, talking about dealing with our own mortality: what is our purpose?

“At the end of the day, we don’t place a judgment on any particular stance or issue, per se, but we ask the question… It reverts back to the listener: how do you perceive the world around you? And our decisions are primarily based on our perceptions. How are we going to handle a certain situation? It depends on, maybe, your personal experience in relation to a certain topic that is going to be the foundation of how you view certain things. So it’s a very multi-faceted subject.”