Photo by Craig Simon

Photo by Craig Simon

Delta Deep unifies one of the guitar virtuosos for Def Leppard with the bassist for Stone Temple Pilots, a booming vocalist recognized for her work with Michael Buble, and the drummer known for his previous ventures alongside Joe Sample & The Crusaders. With a lineup centered around Phil Collen, Robert DeLeo, Debbi Blackwell-Cook and Forrest Robinson, it isn’t difficult to see how Delta Deep has been a breakaway smash since the release of last year’s self-titled debut.

“Really how it came about was me and Debbi were just sitting around, goofing around playing Motown songs and Helen my wife said, ‘It’d be great to hear you play ‘Muddy Waters Blues’ by Paul Rodgers.’ So we worked that out and it sounded killer,” Collen previously told Music Enthusiast in our exclusive interview on the formation of Delta Deep. “We’d done a charity thing in San Diego, we went on radio and TV and did some acoustic stuff, and we had people asking, ‘Where can we buy this?’ And we said, ‘It’s just us goofing around.’

“So we started writing songs, and we literally got the first song, which was ‘Miss Me’ – we were in New Zealand, my wife and Debbi, and there was a Wilson Pickett song on the radio and after that we couldn’t stop writing. We didn’t have to think about it, it was just the style. Again, a lot of people go, ‘It sounds like Tina Turner and Rod Stewart dueting on stuff.’ We thought that was an amazing compliment and a lot of songs did start sound like that, like Rod Stewart or Mick Jagger dueting with Tina Turner but with a bit more fire power on the guitar. So that really took it up a notch.”

Rock advocates will have more opportunities to see the members of Delta Deep perform onstage in the months ahead, as the band have announced another series of tour dates that currently carries through June with a performance at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga, TN. The upcoming shows will stand in support of Delta Deep’s newly announced live album ‘Delta Deep West Coast Live,’ which will find its way onto the shelves later this summer.

Delta Deep 2016 Tour Dates

03/28 – Washington, DC
03/29 – Philadelphia, PA
03/30 – Asbury Park, NJ
03/31 – Northampton, MA
04/03 – New York, NY
04/05 – Boston, MA
04/06 – Pawling, NY
04/08 – Bay Shore, NY
06/18 – Chattanooga, TN