Those of us who have casually been familiar with the 6th member of Queensryche, Pamela Moore, finally have an entire new album to play alongside the rest of our Queensryche releases. It has been apparent so far that the entire legion of fans of the rebooted Queensryche has chosen to extremely back this new album by their favorite female member of the band.

An incredible gesture and salute to a singer who has gained worldwide fame and exposure thanks to her appearance in both ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ rock operas, along with DVD’s of live performances of the album saga.

She is also featured on the new top 25 charting self-titled Queensryche release, which has since it’s release been universally praised. It was a nice surprise to see her in the credits and hear her duet with singer Todd La Torre.

So it seems like the perfect time for a side-by-side release by Queensryche and their beloved Sister Mary, Pamela Moore. My first impression of ‘Resurrect Me’ is that I really enjoy the subtle techno and track samples at the beginning of the majority of the new compositions. It reminds me of more Gothic artists such as Collide and The Gathering, two of my all-time favorite female-fronted artists in that genre. It isn’t afraid to take chances; the samples and Gothic overtones benefit the album and set it apart from something Lita Ford or Doro would release.

There’s great imagination throughout the entire album; the opening track “Acquiescent” is an proud example of Pamela’s boldness, and is a great lead off to ten songs that will instantly grab you. It’s almost as though her statement with this new album would be, “You may know me through Queensryche, but here’s an entire new dimension of me and my personality.”

As the album goes on I definitely want to pull out my copy of Collide’s acclaimed CD, ‘Chasing the Ghost,’ and to an extent there’s moments that remind me of Amaran’s hit CD, ‘Pristine in Bondage.’ Both should follow ‘Resurrect Me’ in your playlist. Her backing band plays the songs to perfection; it’s as if Alice Cooper’s later years backing band came over to the studio for unforgettable sounding performance. There is never a dull moment in these ten tracks.

With the current shape of shelf space at certain major retail chains, it’s unsettling that more releases like this aren’t highlighted to the general public, but that being said, musicians like this are learning how to roll their sleeve up and create not only buzz, but the art of hand-selling their albums to eager fans.

You may not find ‘Resurrect Me’ at Target or Barnes and Noble, but what is evident here and with the outstanding support of her fans and that of Queensryche, and her label Rat Pack Records, this is the release of the summer. I definitely agree. As with the new Queensryche CD, this one is to the point: ten songs, a shorter length, but packs enough of a punch to leave you replaying several tracks right after hearing them, which is what I did many times on first listen.

Pamela first won me over with her role in the original ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ albums and her riveting performance during ‘Mindcrime at the Moore.’ I am proud to say that she has done it again with ‘Resurrect Me;’ a nearly flawless release for a summer that has been peppered with new releases by some of music’s most beloved acts.

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