Tammy Greene/ Music Enthusiast Magazine

Tammy Greene/ Music Enthusiast Magazine

GHS Strings has been at the forefront of innovation in string design, a world leader in providing the best strings for every possible performance style, and a major manufacturer of quality string products for fretted instruments.

The concept behind Rocktron technology has always been to deliver quality sound to the guitar player through exciting and often very innovating products.

Launched in 1983 by Bob Waller and Jim Chowning, stepping back from their long time musical careers to launch a company aimed at producing top quality signal processing, amplifications and effects. In 2000 GHS Strings bought Rocktron technology to merge these two innovative companies.

Mike Orlando, guitarist of heavy metal powerhouse Adrenaline Mob, is one of the artists who is supported by this partnership of GHS Strings and Rocktron. Orlando was also one of the numerous prominent musicians who found their way to the 2016 NAMM convention in Anaheim, showcasing both their abilities and the latest in the guitar world.

Music Enthusiast Magazine had the pleasure of watching a live demonstration and then speaking with Orlando in the GHS/Rocktron technology booth at NAMM 2016, discussing his endorsements and plans for this year.


Music Enthusiast: Hello Mike, it’s great to see you again.

Mike Orlando: Thank you, it’s great to see you too!

We are here in the GHS Strings, Rocktron Technology booth at NAMM, can you tell me a little about each of these companies?

I’ve been with Rocktron for 10 years now, been using GHS since I was a little kid. TNT Boomers are the best out there. Rocktron is almost my entire rig for Adrenaline Mob, my whole switching system and I have a signature Wah Pedal with Rocktron. The Mike Orlando signature Wah Pedal and I love it, it’s a kick ass pedal, everybody should go try it, and it’s great. Two great companies, like family so I love it. What I endorse I use, I’m not the kind of guy to grab every little endorsement I can, they are an amazing string and amazing Rocktron product, so I fully endorse them.

I know very little about strings. OK, nothing about strings. What stands out about GHS Strings?

That’s alright! It’s the tone, the reliability. You can play them for days and they still have a great tone and stretching. I play them really hard, I’m an aggressive player they last, don’t break. I use then on my acoustic and my classical guitars, the tone, the reliability it’s all there.

What else do you have planned for NAMM?

I’m performing here at the GHS & Rocktron booth, also performing Friday and Saturday night doing the Randy Rhoads Remembered show, as I always do they are like family to me, and the Dime Bash for the first time, Monster Energy Dime Bash 2016. Very excited. I’m a huge Dime fan. Who’s not? It will be great to pay tribute to him and Randy, having a blast.

I understand you’re developing a new band `A Beautiful Disaster,’ and you’re in the studio recording.

Ah, very good. Yes we are in the studio now, started drum tracks last week, so we’re hoping that will be done in a couple months. I’m on Guitar, Chad Szeliga on drums from Breaking Benjamin and Black Label Society, Eric Leonhardt on Bass from Tantric & Adrenaline Mob, and we have a new young singer from Rhode Island, so I am really looking forward to it. I’m also working on ‘Sonic Stomp 3.’ I have the Axes & Anchors cruise coming this month [February 2016] with Sonic Stomp. And I have something very cool going on where I will be going back to Brazil, some surprises I will be announcing in a couple weeks. A lot of stuff going on, it will be a great 2016.

Will you be touring or just in the recording process?

I will be announcing a tour over in South America, Brazil. I don’t want to give it all up now. (laughs)

Tammy Greene/ Music Enthusiast Magazine

Tammy Greene/ Music Enthusiast Magazine


We’ll be watching. (laughs)

I’m working on some guitar tours, possibly some stuff myself, Bumblefoot, maybe Monte Pitman. We’re in talks to do some kind of guitar tour, that’s all I can say on that.

You will be extremely busy?

Yes, I will be very active in 2016. Then Adrenaline Mob of course, it’s my passion.

I was going to ask, what’s in store for Adrenaline Mob?

We will probably start up at the end of 2016, hopefully if all the cards fall into place looking for an early 2017 release, could be different but that’s what we’re trying to throw at the wall.