Photo by Achim Raschka

Photo by Achim Raschka

Michael Schenker, the inventive rock guitarist most recognized for his early contributions to Scorpions and UFO, is continuing to pave forward with his current powerhouse solo lineup in Temple of Rock. The band as it stands has been concrete over the course of two studio albums, 2013’s ‘Bridge the Gap’ and 2015’s ‘Spirit on a Mission,’ for which the Temple of Rock has catered to audiences worldwide in support of said releases.

While there’s an evident passion for the studio, Schenker particularly has a renewed energy when it comes to performing live. “You know, since 2008 I hadn’t really enjoyed touring or playing onstage, to be honest,” Schenker told MEM in our exclusive interview. “Period, and especially when I was younger. I suffered from stage freight and it was really hard from me, but I love music, you know?

“I love to play the guitar, so I ended up onstage but maybe there’s more than meets the eye. Having gone through my life of school, I guess I developed into someone who really enjoys it now. I’ve been touring for almost four years, and it’s great. I never knew it was going to be possible for me, but it has happened. It started in 2008 and it’s never stopped.”

Setting this resurgence for concert appearances on full display is the forthcoming Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock live album, ‘On A Mission: Live In Madrid.’ The album is set for release on April 29 through Inaustik, and shows the band firing on all cylinders as they tear through both new and classic compositions from the Schenker catalog. Temple of Rock pairs the newer anthems “Vigilante” and “Communion” alongside vintage numbers such as “Rock Bottom” and “Blackout” in a high voltage set of 22 songs.

‘On A Mission: Live In Madrid’ was captured using innovative sound and video tech, as 4K video cameras captured vivid footage of the performance. Additional room microphones were placed at different levels in the auditorium, which provides an additional Dolby Atmos 3D mix on the Blu-ray edition of ‘Live in Madrid.’

Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock, ‘On A Mission: Live In Madrid’ Track Listing:

Ocean Odyssey
Doctor Doctor
Live and Let Live
Lights Out
Where the Wind Blows
Natural Thing
Before The Devil Knows Your Dead
Victim of Illusion
Coast To Coast
Vigilante Man
Rock My Nights Away
Saviour Machine
Too Hot To Handle
Only You Can Rock Me
Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Rock Bottom
Attack Of The Mad Axeman