McPherson’s ‘Zero 11’

Effective when thrown into the mix on both acoustic and electric guitars, McPherson’s ‘Zero 11’ pedal comes equipped with the ability to deliver a punch of clean transparent boost to your rig. An overachiever, the ‘Zero 11’ does more than your average boost pedal by providing a broader range of tone shaping controls in a slim metal casing.

Pure analog functionality with choice tone shaping features are largely what makes the ‘Zero 11’ pedal from McPherson Stompboxes such a demanding effect to throw into the loop. For players that are looking to have that much more of a control over how they sound while jumping into lead licks, the ‘Zero 11’ comes warmly recommended.

The ‘Zero 11’ pedal has compete ease-of-use with three knobs adjusting the parameters of your tone (mids, volume, and output), as well as a “fat” switch to add that much more of an impact onto your sound.

While it is still a clean boost, after all, attentive guitarists will relate to wanting to control every aspect of your sound running through your board, and the ‘Zero 11’ performs well in that area.

There aren’t that many boost pedals on the market that fall near noteworthy status, which makes the ‘Zero 11’ pedal from McPherson Stompboxes that much more standout for it’s versatility and brilliant design.

For more info on the ‘Zero 11’ pedal and the other effect units that the good team at McPherson have to offer, head over to their homepage and take a look around.

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