Heavy metal supergroup KXM have released the official music video their new single, “Rescue Me.”

Comprised of renowned guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, T&N), King’s X singer/bassist Doug Pinnick and drummer Ray Luzier of Korn, KXM are one of the latest heavy metal supergroups to begin making their impact on the music scene. Their eponymous studio album is slated for release next week, however you don’t have wait until then to hear KXM’s first lead single.

George Lynch previously discussed the topic of how the group first came together: “Ray [Luzier] and I have been in other little projects and have done things together. We would always touch base but never really got serious. I don’t remember exactly how this all fell together. We all have limited time being that were all in other projects but we said, ‘Let’s really, really do this and quit talking about it.’”

“Rescue Me” captures the threesome firing on all cylinders; the song boasts an applicably energetic guitar riff from George Lynch, punishing percussion work from Ray Luzier, and the sinister lyrical deliver of Doug Pinnick. It’s safe to say that this new project has only showcased the more dominant qualities of its members, and if there’s anything we have learned from lead singles, it’s that the best is yet to come.


Listen to “KXM – Rescue Me”