Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett has stepped out with a line of quality leather guitar straps that, in a world and market full of signature product lines, rank among the most comfortable and visually appealing out there.

Right in the middle of Metallica‘s ongoing world tour in support of ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct,’ we started looking at the KH-2 which was based off of one of the metal guitarist’s personal custom straps.

Right off the bat, that slick black design has a striking effect when thrown on any guitar; a surprising detail that makes it accessible to more than just rock and metal guitarists, but still sits right at home on a particular shredding ESP model.

Made from soft and durable vegetable-tanned Italian leather, the KH-2 is also one of the more eco-friendly options in the realm of guitar straps.

That decision, Hammett would explain, came from repurposing natural resources like snakeskins and feathers from his estate in California.

“My wife Lani and our friend Era used to work on leather projects ages ago at our place in Northern California,” says Hammett. “We had so many rattlesnakes on the land (and literally on our doorstep) we had to find something useful to do with them. The workshop was laced with skins, hides and peacock feathers. It seemed back then we were all wearing something from those hills.”

Hammett perhaps sums it up the best: “I know the concept of a guitar strap is nothing new to the world, yet I find a great need for these. They are simple yet detailed, beautiful and durable, extremely well made, and just plain kick-ass!”

For those in the market for a new accessory to sling your axe around onstage, Kirk Hammett’s signature guitar straps offer a choice unity of quality materials and rocking appearance without trying to reinvent the wheel. Make sure to try and catch Hammett donning his straps onstage with Metallica this summer.