Judas Priest

Judas Priest

The members of Judas Priest brought out a second encore of anthems during their recent Tokyo concert.

Continuing to path upon the success of their acclaimed 2014 studio album ‘Redeemer of Souls,’ heavy metal veterans Judas Priest recently brought their ongoing world tour overseas to Japan earlier this week.

Fan-filmed footage of the band’s run is beginning to find it’s way onto the internet, which largely shows the members of this long-running unit (with the assistance of newly appointed guitarist Richie Faulkner) delivering a similarly standout performance as witnessed by fans in the States last year.

Perhaps considering the importance of the occasion, seeing as not too many bands from the United Kingdom or the United States end up performing that far overseas, Judas Priest increased the muscle of their March 11 show in Tokyo by adding a second encore to their set, which gave enough room to reintroduce the fan favorites “The Hellion/Electric Eye” and “Painkiller” into the show.

The importance of both staples wasn’t lost amongst this audience, who are occasionally shown headbanging in front of the barricades towards the stage, however it was the band’s rendition of “Painkiller” which particularly drew some excitement from the crowd. Looking back through the newly issued fan footage, it isn’t difficult to see why.

Lead vocalist Rob Halford is found donning his signature motorcycle which typically launches “Hell Bent For Leather” during recent performances, while launching some wild primal screams right in line with his original tracks from 25 years ago.

The remainder of the Judas Priest wrecking crew are found hammering out the blistering arpeggios and spine crushing percussion fills that decorated the indigenous version, but the fact that a 63-year-old Halford gives his best rendition of this song in recent memory is nothing short of amazing.

You can watch footage from Judas Priest’s Tokyo concert below.


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