Photo by Ralph Arvesen

Photo by Ralph Arvesen

Despite their longevity as one of the most enduring heavy metal artists, the members of Judas Priest embarked on what would become one of their longest tours in support of their 2014 studio album ‘Redeemer of Souls.’ That supporting trek consisted of 130 shows in 33 countries, furthering the notion that Priest touched upon quite the chemistry following the introduction of guitarist Richie Faulkner while on the 2013 Epitaph tour.

Highlighted by a memorable, career-spanning set list, Judas Priest’s manic presentation from this tour has been captured and prepared for an upcoming live album and DVD that will hit shelves next month. ‘Battle Cry’ is expected for release on March 25 via Epic Records and features Judas Priest’s performance before an audience of 85,000 during the 2015 Wacken Festival in Germany.

Judas Priest’s first new live album since their 2009 reunion effort with lead vocalist Rob Halford ‘A Touch of Evil: Live,’ ‘Battle Cry’ is especially notable for demonstrating a balance between seasoned classics with fan favorite deep cuts and selections off of ‘Redeemer of Souls.’ Combining “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” with the new live anthem “Halls of Valhalla” and the ‘Screaming For Vengeance’ rarity “Devil’s Child” prove to be only a few highlights on this installment.

The album track listing for ‘Battle Cry’ includes fifteen songs from Judas Priest’s Wacken concert, whereas the DVD and Blu-ray pressings feature the 94 minute show in its entirety, in addition to three bonus tracks shot in Poland at the Ergo Arena.

Judas Priest ‘Battle Cry’ Track Listing:

Battle Cry (Intro)
Metal Gods
Devil’s Child
Victim of Changes
Halls of Valhalla
Turbo Lover*
Redeemer of Souls
Beyond the Realms of Death
Breaking the Law
Hell Bent For Leather
The Hellion
Electric Eye
You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
Living After Midnight*
Screaming For Vengeance*
The Rage*
Desert Plains*

* DVD and Blu-Ray Exclusive Tracks


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